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Did you know that 96% of B2B networks use video marketing content? Needless to say, a video marketing strategy for any business is now a must-have. But the thing is, creating video content is only half the battle. A critical – yet often neglected – element of video marketing is distribution. If a company doesn’t have a reliable, organized video distribution strategy, all efforts in producing the videos are in vain. An efficient video distribution strategy requires a ton of legwork. It requires in-depth research mainly about the target market, and then about the video content. When is the best time to post a particular video content? What time does the target demographic of the business go online? How does the target market typically share posts on their respective social media accounts? There are instances when the video content needs to be released ahead of schedule to mirror relevant, “hot” news. These factors and more make the structure of a video distribution strategy.

Improves the company’s social media marketing campaigns

It doesn’t just schedule the best time to post video content. It also targets vital social media best practices.

Generates credibility

When there’s a solid system in place, it’s easier and faster for trust between the company and the consumers to develop.

Ensures that content is relevant

A great distribution strategy makes site visitors and social media followers anticipate new, relevant content they can resonate with.

Cuts the marketer’s chores in half

A professionally-outlined video distribution strategy makes the process more efficient. It cuts productivity time in half because only the most relevant steps are given focus.

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This is where Viduate comes in. Viduate is a team of professionals who are experts in designing, producing, and marketing videos. They have years-long experience on how to properly outline and deliver a video distribution strategy tailor-made for a company. This well-planned strategy helps the business hit the bull’s eye in terms of targeting a refined demographic of consumers. The team of experts from Viduate will handle all of these to create a video distribution strategy that delivers the goods. Each Viduate professional has access to an array of resources that determine the answers to the questions above and then some more. They also collaborate with the company’s social media manager to align the schedule better.


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