Five Brand-Building Digital Video Content Strategies

While a picture paints a thousand words, it’s hard to dispute the power and impact of a digital video.

Forrester Research noted that a video that lasts only a minute has roughly 1.8 million words. Also, a web page containing a video is about 53 times more likely to show up on page one of Google search results than a site with just a text-based content. The average online user spends 48 seconds per web page. However, on a page containing a video, the average time frame is 5 minutes and 50 seconds.

Now that digital videos are proliferating and occupying the demand for text-based posts, businesses should take hiring professionals to create their digital videos for marketing into serious consideration.

Here are five powerful brand-building video strategies to boost brand engagement and conversation rates.

1. Product Overview

Contrary to what others may think, a product review isn’t always monotonic, boring or sales-pitchy. These videos don’t have to be too technical or overcomplicated as well. Today, product overview videos are presented to spark the customer’s interest, so they’ll further look into the product or service.

A well-curated product review video can also be used as a groundwork to gain and improve brand awareness and help the company find its unique voice.

Example: Panasonic LUMIX GH5 Product Overview - by  Panasonic Lumix Video

2. Case Studies

If presented with a choice, a website visitor will more likely choose to watch a three-minute video about the company portfolio than read a ten-page PDF version of the video.

Written case studies are typically tedious to read because they’re filled with statistics. The numbers can make an average site visitor confused or uninterested. Whereas with a digital video, the case study will be presented with more personality. 

Cisco projects that by 2019, 80% of all consumed digital content will be videos. This means video content will have higher engagement and conversion rates. Get ahead of the competition by turning case studies into videos, so they’ll have the chance to receive more likes and views. 
Example: Social Media Case Study : How KFC India Boosted its Social Media Presence - by  Social Samosa

3. Content Marketing Supplement

A digital video is a powerful tool on its own, but when it's turned into a supplement for other marketing strategies, its power elevates.
Newsletters have a bad reputation for being boring and clinical. To avoid this stigma, the brand marketers can add a relevant video to the email, so it’s not just text- and image-based. The video supplement can show the rundown of the email’s key points.
Another way for a video to supplement other content is through on-site use during conferences, trade shows, and events. If a company executive is invited to be a speaker at a conference, the marketing team can film the event. They can record the lecture and upload it on their site and social media platforms later on. Alternatively, they can do a live stream of the event. The real-time factor of live streaming will create a hype around the brand and its product or service. 
Example: Victoria’s Secret Global Media Live Stream: the official reveal of the all new Bralette Collection- by  Victoria's Secret

4. Lifestyle Videos

People are curious by nature. They are innately fascinated by how others live their lives. They crave to be part of a community. And no other content can build a community faster than digital videos. Unlike text-based articles, videos show much more character and personality. Thus, lifestyle videos are more bloggable and exciting. They can quickly encourage viewers to follow the video’s call-to-action. They can also become viral faster than other types of content.
Example: Inspirational Athlete Stories with Mark Ormrod Former Marine & Triple Amputee Motivational Video- by  My Protein

5. Brand Storytelling

Humans are visual creatures. While storytelling is often done through written copy, the audience will get the story more if it’s presented in both a visual and auditory manner. An “About Us” page with a formal tone seems cold and dull compared to telling a story through video where the viewers can see and enjoy how the company was built.
There’s no doubt that digital videos are now a necessity rather than a luxury. With these powerful brand-building strategies, companies can make the most out of their video content.
Example: The Coffee Story - by The Coffee Company
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