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What’s one of the best ways to attract your audience? Create a dialogue. Getting your audience to interact with your brand is a lot better than having them watch a long and boring presentation. An interactive video is a great opportunity to make your brand and products even more exciting. It’s an effective medium that will keep your audience engaged. So what’s an interactive video? It’s just like your regular video but with interactive details that will give a voice to your audience. Some of the things that you can add are questions, graphics, and other exciting elements that ask for audience participation. An interactive video usually unfolds depending on the individual choices of each viewer. Give your users something more than an ordinary passive experience. You can use an interactive video in a lot of things such as recruitment, product launches, and more! This is a great way to create a conversation between you and your audience.

Give your audience a voice

An interactive video is a great way to find out what your audience think about your products. It is also a creative and subtle way to capture relevant data about how your audience perceives your brand.

Keep the conversation going

More often than not, interactive videos get more attention than regular videos. If you want your audience to stay engaged, an interactive video is a great tool that can help you.

Stand out

What are your competitors doing? What are you doing to rise above them? An interactive video is a great way to stand out and prove that you are better.

Potentially viral

If you do it right, your interactive video can go viral on social media. This means good news for you. The more people share your marketing campaigns, the wider your reach will be.

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