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Video marketing

Video marketing metrics

Posting a video on several social platforms isn't the end of a marketing campaign. It is, in fact, the start ...

Video marketing

The use of online videos for business blogs

Online videos for blogs can help a company connect with its audience on an emotional level. They give the brand ...

Video marketing

Pointers on building a video marketing strategy that works

Video marketing is a big hit for both marketers and consumers. It works mainly because people are more inclined to ...

Video marketing

How to use videos to trigger an emotional reaction from viewers

At its core, successful video marketing campaigns revolve around two types of video. One type is content that helps, another ...

Social media

How to produce a viral video smash hit

Most content creators and video marketers dream that their work will go viral. One of their goals is to share ...

Video marketing

How to kickstart a video marketing campaign

Over 500 million hours of YouTube videos are viewed on a daily basis. By 2019, it’s projected that about 80% of internet ...