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Why video?
Boost your conversion!

There's no better way to improve your conversion rates than video. Adding a video to your landing page could improve conversion rates with more than 80%.


Video content is getting 1200 times more shares than text or images. Video gives you a chance to reach your audience.

Video is the future

43% of consumers would like to see more video content of brands and companies. Are you future proof?

About us
We are a one-stop-shop for video strategy, video production, video marketing and video advertising. With a young and professional team we work for corporates, SMEs and agencies both for marketing and (internal) communication purposes.
What we do
What's the best way to use video?
Video strategy

Before you start producing videos you should know what type of videos and how to optimize and distribute them.

We produce all types of video.
Video production

What the goal of your video? We produce the right video to reach that goal. Animated video, live-action video, 360° or VR video, drone video and much more.

Optimizing video distribution.
Video marketing

We make sure your videos are getting the best result possible by using the right video players, platforms and technology.

Reach your target audience.
Video advertising

We reach the right audience at the right time in the right place. We launch, manage and optimize video advertising campaigns on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram.

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Did you know that over 70% of online consumers prefer to watch a video about a company than reading info about it? Did you also know that videos get three times as many clicks compared to text article? In today’s cutthroat industries, having a corporate video is no longer a “nice to have.” It’s now a must-have.

Corporate videos get a bad rep for being bland or uninteresting given the nature of the subject. But, this isn’t always the case. Working with the professionals – working with Viduate – can turn things around. They can make even the most mundane information into something exciting and fun. Corporate videos by Viduate help make businesses achieve their goals.


A corporate video done right is a practical resource to engage a target market. It helps in solidifying the company’s brand image and identity. The video is essentially a visual representation of the business. It’s a bridge that helps visitors connect with the enterprise. And with Viduate’s collaborative efforts, businesses can use emotionally-triggering videos their audience can relate to. 

Viduate is a team of professional filmmakers and creatives who collaborate with companies to design and produce effective corporate videos. The team understands that a corporate video is more than just enumerating details about the company. Rather, it’s an interactive way to propel forward-thinking corporations and entrepreneurs of every size into greater heights. As such, the team creates meaningful, relevant, and fun videos that grab the attention of the company’s target market.

The Viduate team creates and produces corporate videos on the groundworks of what a company needs to achieve more engagingly. Through the team’s expertise, collaboration and research, Viduate gives the business and its target market what they both want.