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Quality content is all about telling a story. Regardless if it’s about the brand, the customers, the product, the service, or even just news about the company, the goal of content is to inform and share a message that relates and persuades the viewers to take action. But a quality story is only as good as its execution. Regardless of how touching or riveting or compelling your story is, if it’s delivered poorly, the viewers are less likely to take action. This is why you need animated videos. There are several types of marketing videos that connect with the audience. Animation is one of the most appealing to various industries. It’s a rich, cost-effective, engaging medium that hits the bull’s eye all the time. It conveys your message across the board. Most of all, it delivers all the benefits of a visual marketing strategy with smaller resources needed. Think about it. When a potential lead visits your website, you only have a few seconds to grab the visitor’s attention and present your brand. Animated videos can explain your brand, product or service in seconds! Marketing studies show that explainer videos boost the average site visit time by two minutes. 120 seconds! That’s more than enough time to present and discuss your business.

Bring any concept to life

Animation enables you to bend the laws of design. With animated videos, you can pretty much do whatever you want. Your only restriction is the limit of your imagination.

Simplify complex concepts

A written summary of what the brand can do will likely bore readers after the first paragraph. It’s a different story with animated videos. Through animation, it’s easier to explain what the product or service is all about.

Present abstract ideas

Highlighting statistics and theoretical information becomes more entertaining through animation. Hard-to-present details and concepts can be easily explained through animated videos.

Manage fast and easy production

Unlike live videos where location, actors, sets, equipment, and props should be considered, great animations can be done in a small, quiet room.

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Fagron video

Fagron video

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DAF Trucks video AEBS

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GAIN film



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Van Schie 3D

AHVH 3D video


Why Viduate?

Moreover, animation videos are far more visual than other types of marketing videos. The visual appeal of the animation makes it easy and fast for you to connect with the viewers. Also, the visuals are easily consumed compared to text-only content. Thus, animation videos leave a lasting impression on the viewers. Great animation videos require the touch of the experts. This is where Viduate comes into the picture. Viduate is a team of professional filmmakers and producers. They can help you create the most compelling, riveting, funny, entertaining, and educational animated videos that will convey your message spot-on.


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