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8 Vimeo marketing tips, tricks, and strategies

If a company or organization isn’t using Vimeo marketing to promote its business or cause on social media, then it’s hurting the brand. Vimeo is a niche hub full of skilled video producers and keen supporters. It is an advertisement-free platform that supports high-def videos. While Vimeo has significantly less traffic than YouTube, it’s much more community-driven and offers more possibilities for genuine consumer interaction.

Not surprisingly, marketers need to make the most of Vimeo to guarantee the success of their marketing campaign. As such, listed below are top Vimeo marketing tips, tricks, and strategies they can implement.

Vimeo Marketing Production Strategies


1) Video Optimization

Vimeo’s market is based on its notoriety as a specialized resource for video production and usage. Video optimization and high-quality video production are essential to the Vimeo community. Brands won’t get as many shares on Vimeo as they can on YouTube. And yet, viewers come to channels that continuously create professional-quality videos.

To successfully promote the brand, marketers need to provide knowledge on a specific topic and to present it in top quality. Optimizing a Vimeo video campaign is the most ideal step to conveying this strategy with the target market.

2) Customer Engagement

Vimeo is a community-focused video hosting site. Interacting with a loyal market base is the most straightforward marketing technique to obtaining repeat business. Encourage users to leave comments or offer promo opportunities throughout the videos to interact with potential and actual customers.

3) Loaded Clips

Vimeo is among the exclusive video sharing websites with features that can generate full-bodied snippets and clips directly from Google. Apart from having a Twitter Card functionality, Vimeo enables businesses and organizations to index videos for search channels with outlined markup. It also offers designed data needed on organic SERPs. This is the reason why Vimeo videos tend to outperform YouTube videos. Refining meta-titles, tags, and descriptions with highly concentrated keyword search allows the audience to locate the videos in organic lists and position videos better in those listings.

4) Channel Customization

Vimeo offers far better options for channel optimization than other video hosting sites. The colors and images marketers use in their channel must correspond to those of their brand. Vimeo also lets marketers put logos on top of the videos as well as provide aesthetically impressive page details for each video.

Vimeo Marketing Production Tips and Tricks


5) Context is King

A brand marketer needs not to just present products or services. But instead, show how the brand ties in the bigger picture of the lives of their target viewers. What issues can the product solve? How does the service enrich the customer experience? Will the brand inspire consumers to do more? Does it boost their overall happiness and well-being?

6) Show and Tell

An overly-conceptualized product trailer video can be artsy and snazzy. However, if viewers don’t figure out what the brand is trying to convey at the end of it, they most likely won’t be encouraged to be customers. A marketer should use show and tell as a Vimeo marketing technique: show off the main subject, and tell the viewers what’s it all about it.

7) Humanize the Brand

Or let the viewers tell it for the brand. When people watch and scrutinize a video about a product or a service, they don’t only want to find out its features and specs. More than that, they’d like to meet the people behind the brand as well as the people who use the product or service.

8) Focus on the Target Market

Often when a band goes on tour, the vocalist will shout out the name of the city or place where they’re performing. This is a trick that is also fit for video marketing. A marketer should customize the video to a specific demographic or target geographic audience. This way, the videos will be presented to the people who genuinely need the product or service.

With these Vimeo marketing tips, tricks and strategies, marketers will have enormous opportunities for substantial social reach.