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A guide to video advertising on Instagram

Instagram has arrived. It has ticked off all essential parts of social platforms, experiences, and advertising. The photo app has over 700 million users now. Not a bad deal for a platform that’s only less than a decade old.

But marketers need to focus on a different IG stat. That’s the fact that 70% of them are missing free content. Imagine having the ability to get the attention of a specific IG group that is relevant to the brand. With Instagram ads, a successful video advertising Instagram campaign is possible.

Why Marketers Need to take Instagram Ads Seriously

Instagram ads are popular, less-invasive, and more visually appealing. Marketers need to devote attention to this paid platform for many reasons, like:

1. Audience Growth

Let’s state it once more. Instagram has 700+ million users now, 400+ million of which are active daily. It’s one of the fastest growing social platforms. With that many people, it’s impossible for any brand not to find its target market.

2. Attention

Social media users, on average, devote 50 minutes each day on social sites. In the US alone, one in five minutes spent on a handheld device is used either on Facebook or Instagram.

3. Purpose

Instagram reported that 60% of the app’s users admit that they find out about products and services via IG. And, 75 % say they take action, like checking out a company website, after seeing an IG post.

4. Focus

Instagram ads apply the same system used in Facebooks Ads. That system has, arguably, the most effective targeting capacity. On IG, marketers can specify the target market’s location, age, race, hobbies, habits, and more. It’s even possible to concentrate on users who have bought from or engaged with the brand before.

5. Results

Instagram researched across over 400 campaigns around the globe. As per the results, ad recall via Instagram is 2.8 times greater than Nielsen’s rules of online marketing.


Instagram Ads Best Practices

What practices ensure success when it comes to video advertising via Instagram?

1. Polish the brand’s creative and market targeting.

Product ads have a unique, revenue-making place on Instagram. But there’s one critical qualification: lifestyle shots. Instagram is a photo app first and foremost. As such, beautiful photos and videos attract most users. It’s also no surprise that IG is brimming with flatlays. It’s a style of photo shoot that, if done right, is clean, crisp, and utterly enticing. This kind of engaging and visually appealing IG content outperforms other marketing shots on various channels by eight times. Needless to say, Instagram Ads need to look and feel unique, yet remain real.

2. Define the target market for the ads.

Instagram ads are highly effective because the system targets a particular group of people. Marketers can produce this precise market by combining these factors:

• Location – Key in specific areas, from global regions to actual home addresses to display or exclude the ads to IG users in those places
• Age – Choose the range of age of their viewers from 13 years old to 65+.
• Gender – Choose to show all genders or just mark specific ones: male or female. • Languages – Make this as specific as required or just leave it blank if the product or service appeals to a broader market.
• Demographics – Focus on or leave out people depending on their education, career, and lifestyle. • Interests – Target or rule out people depending on their likes, dislikes, and social media activities.
• Behaviors – Aim for or exclude people depending on their purchasing habits, device consumption, and so on.

Gathering these pieces of information, and putting them together, will generate a very specific market. And usually, this is the market that the brand needs to concentrate on. When there’s a target audience, it’ll be easier to create video content that appeals to their needs and wants.

The cost of video advertising on Instagram will depend on several factors, like the brand’s budget and if the marketer opts for a Manual or Automatic bidding. The great thing is that Instagram Ad won’t require the brand to pay more than it needs to spend. If the marketer has a budget of $20 per day, Instagram Ads will run for that amount each day.