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A guide to video advertising on twitter

Marketers have a varied selection of Twitter ads. They can use Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends or Promoted Accounts. But it’s undeniable that the most effective of all is video advertising on Twitter.

Videos are powerful in engaging with followers and potential leads. They are also great at stirring up consumers’ emotions.

Over 50% of marketers believe that video is the medium with the best return of investment. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Twitter video ads can significantly boost awareness, engagement, and traffic.


A Closer Look at Twitter Video Ads

A Twitter video ad calls for a specific action. While there are various types of Twitter ads, marketers have two main options for the video format:

• Promoted Videos – These ads appear natively in the user’s timeline. The video length can be up to ten minutes.
• Pre-Roll Ads – These videos show up before a content partner’s video. The ad format is part of the Twitter Amplify ad program. The length is generally between 30 seconds and 10 minutes.

Both video ad formats auto-play on mute as Twitter users go through their timelines. Regarding costs, Twitter video ads are priced per view of the video.


Best Practices for Video Advertising on Twitter

Here are some guidelines marketers need to take note of when producing a Twitter video ad campaign:

1. Tell the viewers why they need to view the video.

Fill up the video with compelling content. Show the viewers why they need to click on, play, and watch the video from start to finish. Make sure to include engaging CTAs to inspire or encourage the viewers to interact with the video. And, more importantly, add relevant hashtags!

2. Make the Twitter video ad short, sharp and straight to the point.

Marketers don’t have to use the entire ten minutes available to promote video content. Viewers are likely to disengage with the video if it drags too long. In fact, study shows that 80% of Twitter users will only watch a complete video ad if it’s half a minute long or less. If the video must go over 30 seconds, make sure the message is conveyed within the first 10 seconds.

3. Create mobile-friendly Twitter video ads.

These days, almost 90% of all Promoted Videos are watched on a handheld device. For that reason, it’s crucial that the videos are playable on mobile phones and tablets. Marketers need to ensure that they follow the correct dimensions for mobile video ads.

4. Use the correct type of video to optimize promotion.

Deciding on a type of video to use relies on the brand’s overall social media campaign goals. Marketers should also note that some types of videos are more highly engaging than others. These include:

• How-To Videos – These are ideal for establishing brand awareness. Displaying authority on solving a certain problem positions the brand as a niche expert. The more followers trust the expertise of the brand, the more they will value and share its content.

• Product Demo Videos – These are widely used in introducing a new product or service. Product demos are also great for featuring a new function or specs of a product. In general, product videos are posted ahead of the actual product launch to create hype around it.

• Behind-the-Scene Videos – These are great for building personal relationships with brand followers. BTS videos can give the viewers an idea of what happens behind closed doors. Personal relationships often lead to loyal customers over time.

• Teaser Videos – These are perfect for driving leads. They allow marketers to promote the video content like a TV ad. Another option is to provide the audience with a preview of what they can get if they submit their email address. Both methods help in boosting conversion rates. • Testimonial Videos – These focus on how the brand has helped customers solve their problems. A customer feedback video lets other leads see the benefits of using the brand.

Video advertising on Twitter can be an efficient means of setting up traffic and leads. It’s a huge misstep not use it.