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Choosing the best video platforms for marketing

Videos have become progressively vital to how companies interact with their audiences. As such, video platforms have also become a critical tool that marketers use to regulate, boost, and evaluate video content. Through the right platform, they also learn more about their target market.

Several factors can help marketers assess the efficiency of video platforms. An online marketer can apply more value on some elements than a content manager would base on the distinct needs and goals of the company. And that is precisely why determining marketing goals and objectives beforehand is required.

These are some of the factors marketers need to analyze for their video platform shortlist:

Content Management

Check out features like the simplicity by which marketers can post and regulate new video content. Does the platform require special attention from the IT department every time new content is uploaded? Can marketers post straight from the company’s YouTube channel? As the video playlist grows and the complexity of topics vary, will the videos be searchable/taggable by keywords?


Marketers are continually searching for ways to enhance their video content. So, how can video platforms help them do just that? Track down if the video host, site or app has integrated optimization attributes like A/B split testing and insights on real-time market engagement. These qualities can help marketers understand which features of the platform can generate conversions and which ones cannot.

Content Distribution

Is it easy to distribute the videos to different channels from a specific video platform? And more importantly, if a change is made, will the edited video be automatically updated in all networks where it was previously posted? Does the platform provide a video hub where viewers stay on the company website or blog?

Lead Capture

Are there possible ways to produce leads from within the videos? If yes, how can a marketer set those chances up? Check for options like easy-to-customize contact forms integrated with the video. Look where these leads are sent. It will be additional work to deal with another database, so if a platform can send insight straight to the marketing automation or CRM platform, then it’s a tool worth using.

Lead Qualification

Which video platform enables viewing patterns to influence lead qualification? Use platforms that do just that. A lead who invested half an hour watching product videos is more valuable than one who viewed only the first 30 seconds of the most recent video on the company blog.

Reporting and Analytics

Video platforms need to be more than just a site or hub to use for posting brand videos. Look into the comprehensive performance metrics available on each platform. Even more than video views, find a host that can present information on in-depth viewing behaviors per video. What videos are industry influencers watching? What parts are the viewers replaying? What portions are they skipping? How is the viewer behavior insight obtained?

Cross-Functional Options

A marketer may keep an eye out for advertising or sales solutions now. But at any given moment, he may need a platform that can also improve internal communications or help provide customer support. Look for video platforms that can multitask. It is generally better to have less technology to take care of, so a cross-functional option is a plus.


Which video platforms have a strong protective system to back up internal and private video use? Which video hosts can measure outbound advertising and sales communications?

Personalized Experience

Does the platform provide marketers the opportunity to customize a marketing video for specific viewers or leads? A customized video can result in a 500% boost in email conversion as well as an upsurge of 16 times the usual conversion rates when marketing landing pages. With remarkable results, check if the brand can afford to overlook a chance to interact with audiences on a one-on-one level.

All video platforms available online has a general set of factors and features that can, in one way or another, help marketing campaigns. That said, marketers have the responsibility to choose the right platform that can further enhance and boost video content.