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Future trends in video marketing

Following digital marketing trends can keep even the savviest marketers on their toes. And considering the fast pace by which video marketing incessantly changes, content managers and online marketers need to step up their game at all times.

Marketing technologies and services are evolving just as fast as the digital channels that drive them. The thirst of consumers for high-quality content keeps on spiraling, while the leading social media sites compete for their time, attention, patronage and loyalty. The war for their commitment isn’t devoid of casualties. Just this year, marketers lost Vine, Twitter’s six-second video platform.

There’s also the rise of Virtual Reality. Experts predict that consumers will have better and bigger VR experiences down the road. Future VR strategies will showcase how they can interact with videos not just in gaming, but also in commercial video activities. Accompanied by 360-degree videos, these technologies are defining the future trends in video marketing.

But more than the actual videos, here are some strategy-focused trends predicted to influence video marketing in the long run.


Quality Over Quantity

Having a video camera or knowing how to use a phone-camera does not automatically qualify a person to be a good content creator or video marketer. Unfortunately, this is something a lot of businesses and organizations choose to ignore. This overlook results in the spread of “homemade content” hijacking the web. Coming up with a uniform and constant flow of rich and relevant video content must undoubtedly be nurtured, but not at the expense of minimizing the image and value of the brand.

One of the future trends in video marketing is the specific prioritization of quality over quantity. More and more companies will seek the help of experts that they can collaborate with to create and distribute compelling and rich video content.


Merging Video and Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has long been a video marketing trend, particularly on YouTube. As reported by Nielsen, 92% of online users rely on recommendations and referrals from “top individuals” over companies even if they don’t personally know these people. These “top individuals” are the niche influencers who have a considerable following.

Teaming up influencers to promote a brand isn’t a new thing. It has happened in the past, and overall, it was quite effective. The only problem was that brands have to invest a lot of time seeking out the perfect influencer to promote their label. There was also the subject of inconsistent pricing.

Today, marketing experts believe that the team up of influencers will play a huge role in the future trends in video marketing. But this time around, companies need to approach an organization with a pool of niche influencers. Once they fill up their specifications and goals, a team of relevant influencers will be assigned to work in achieving the company’s objectives. This group of specialists will come up with an array of strategized video content to provide brands with optimum reach.

This kind of technique will bridge the gap between companies and influencers. And it will make influencer marketing more usable for businesses of all sizes.


Extensive Cross-Platform Strategies

The days are gone when a marketer could create one video on YouTube and distribute it on other social media sites. Today, it is vital to produce video content that is highly relevant and specific for every video host and platform utilized by the brand. Marketers should study the ins and outs of these video sites.

In the future, this cross-platform marketing strategy will be more extensive and compressed. Businesses have to do in-depth planning and maneuvering before distributing any video content.

Producing quality video content shouldn’t be the only marketing medium marketers need to care about. However, videos will have an increasingly integral role in overall brand marketing. Success in video marketing doesn’t happen overnight. Marketers need to put in the time and use the right tools suitable for their campaigns. And most of all, they need to adapt to changes. Remember that the leading development hacks and advertising trends change day after day. As such, marketers need to stay consistent and persistent in their endeavors.