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How to double the succes of a video marketing campaign

Several marketing experts have projected that by 2019 video marketing will be EVERYTHING. As such, it’s essential that all businesses, regardless of size, get in on the trend.

Video marketing shooting – no pun intended – to the top isn’t shocking. For one, humans are virtual creatures. People learn faster with visual aids – and videos are the ultimate visual aids.

In a marketing POV, video content has a more potent emotive power than text- and image-based materials. The audience relates most to what they can see and hear. That being said, having a video marketing campaign is not a silver bullet. Just because a company uploads a video on its website regularly doesn’t mean that it’ll get the attention of the viewers.

There are strategies, techniques and metrics involve making a video campaign a success. In fact, even the companies with successful video campaigns in the past need to continuously up their game to guarantee that their next project will also hit all the important marketing metrics.

Below are tips on how a brand can’t just have a successful video project, but actually, double the success of its next video campaign.



Tell a story that the audience will care about.

Videos are engaging because they tell the stories people want to hear. The content of the video can very well be translated into a written piece of content or an image-based material. But, both won’t have the same effect as hearing and seeing the story unfold.

The most effective video marketing campaigns have a common denominator: they connect with their target audience through an inspiring story. A video content that shows nothing but the product or service often receives poor viewership. But, if the product or service is incorporated into a compelling story, the viewership of the brand will hit the roof.


Keep the content short and punchy.

Online users have short attention spans. In fact, viewers often only watch the first ten seconds of a video before deciding if they want to continue watching or not. As such, it’s essential to make the video short, but with a punch. The ideal length of a marketing video is a minute. But, it’s important to lay all the key factors out in the few seconds of the clip.


Create an interactive video.

An interactive video is inclusive. And online users – particularly the Millennials – crave inclusiveness. Create a video that lets the audience be a part of the story. Make them determine the outcome based on the directions they personally chose. By having a dynamic storyline intertwined in an interactive video, the brand can impart specific information to the audience in a fun and entertaining way.


Put a Call-to-Action button.

The importance of the Call-to-Action element of any marketing campaign can’t be stressed enough. A call-to-action nudges hesitant buyers to try the product. It pushes curious viewers to learn more about the company. It calls the viewers out to act on something: read, buy, call, email, look, search, and so on.

By adding a Call-to-Action at the end of the video, the brand directs the audience to where it wants them to go next.


Post the videos on various platforms.

Think about this: it makes no sense for a brand to only post the marketing videos on the company website if its target audience is all over social media. But, it makes sense to post the videos FIRST on the company website or blog. Sharing the videos on different social media networks should come next.


Use metrics to define the next course of action.

Companies must have a data-gathering strategy in place even before the videos are shot and distributed online. This way, it’ll be easier for the marketing team to track what features of the video work and what factors need improvement. Such details will be crucial for the next video marketing campaign.

When planned accordingly and executed correctly, a company can double the success of its video marketing campaign. But, this isn’t going to happen without careful consideration and deliberation from the entire video marketing team.