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How to shoot quality marketing videos on a budget

Video marketing tells a story in a visually engaging manner that text and audio formats can’t do. Videos also have an enormous reach. As per Direct Marketing studies, nine out of ten consumers watch a minimum of one video per week. By 2019, Cisco projects that 80% of all online traffic will be video-based.

The trend couldn’t be much more definite, and yet not all businesses use video content in their marketing campaigns. They got frustrated and bogged down by the cost of producing high-quality video content.

But the reality is that marketers don’t have to break the bank to create great video content. Below are tips on how to create quality marketing videos on a budget.


Use a smartphone.

A good camera can be quite expensive. Buying one for a video marketing campaign should be treated as an investment. However, if the company has no budget for a new camera, the marketing team may use a smartphone to shoot a video.

The latest smartphones today have incredibly good cameras. The new Apple and Samsung units have cameras good enough to produce videos for an extensive marketing campaign. They are also great for on-the-go shooting.

When recording with a smartphone camera, make sure to look at the lens while recording. It’s also important to position the camera in landscape orientation. Finally, transfer files periodically on the computer to free up space on the phone before recording.


Buy a tripod.

Using a tripod can instantly elevate the quality of the video as it stabilizes the camera while shooting. Unlike cameras, there are tons of affordable tripods available today. Tripods designed for smartphones roughly cost $10 (or even less). Experts recommend the Joby GorillaPods as they’re flexible and transportable. Another budget-friendly option for iPhones is the KCOOL Octopus Style Portable and Adjustable Tripod Stand Holder. This $12 cool device has a universal clip and a remote.

If the company has no budget for a tripod yet, a good alternative is a sturdy shelf. A stack of books may also do the trick. Just make sure the smartphone is placed on a flat surface that is set at the right height.


Create ideal lighting conditions.

Good lighting is imperative for a quality video production. Poor lighting looks unprofessional and even creepy at times. Video lighting tools can be quite expensive. They are also often huge, so setting them up and taking them down – not to mention transporting them from Location A to Location B – can be a hassle.

A great lighting tip to create marketing videos on a budget is the use of natural light. Go ahead, use the sun! Try to shoot the video with as much natural light as possible. For supplemental light, use a desk light or a lamp. When recording, face the light (or the sun) as often as possible so the natural light casts the actor’s face in the light. If the light is behind him, it will produce an unsightly silhouette.


Invest in a quality external microphone.

There are some video production tools that marketers can substitute with ordinary items. But, there are also pieces of equipment that the company needs to invest in. A good microphone is an investment. Poor sound quality in a video is just unforgiving.

The best budget-friendly external microphone available in the market is the Rode SmartLav+ Lavalier Microphone for iPhone and Smartphones. This $79 tool works impeccably with smartphones. It’s also designed for outdoor filming.


Set up a professional-looking background.

A background that is pleasing to the eyes goes a long way in building a rapport between the company and the audience. The background also helps in setting the tone of the video. The most affordable background concept is to use what’s already available. Just make sure the backdrop won’t compete with the product or actors in the video.


Use a free video editing software.

While the budget is still tight, take advantage of free video production tools. There are tons of good video editing software available for free. Sure, the features are mostly basic, but if they are used correctly, the end-product will still be of good quality. iMovie for Mac users is an excellent example of a free editing software that produces quality marketing videos on a budget.

Creating relevant, creative and quality marketing videos don’t have to break the bank.
Planning beforehand will ensure the marketing team sticks with the budget.