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How to use videos to trigger an emotional reaction from viewers

At its core, successful video marketing campaigns revolve around two types of video. One type is content that helps, another type is content that inspires. Practical how-to videos are essential to secure a high ranking in search results. But it’s story-driven video content that triggers authentic emotions from the audience. These feelings are valid motivators in prompting the viewers to take purposeful actions.

Why do marketers need to trigger an emotional reaction from viewers?

Others may scoff at the thought of trying to use emotions in marketing. But both marketers and consumers need to keep in mind that all purchases are personal. A shopper needs to buy a product because it makes him happy, relieved, comforted or excited. A prospective customer acquires a service to ease his sadness, misery or disappointment. The job of video marketers is to produce content that triggers the right emotion. And that feeling should inspire them to act on something, like adhering to the video’s CTA.


How Emotions Drive ROI with Video Marketing

The meticulously planned video marketing campaign usually generates ROI. It starts when the marketer uses content to ignite pointed emotions, then connects such high-powered feelings into a given action.

For instance, the marketer aims to get the viewers to sign up for a software demo. It’s best to make them feel like they’re passing up an excellent tool when they don’t use the software. He can additionally point out that the one they currently use is substandard. This triggers panic and anxiety. Those emotions make it easier for the marketer to swoop in with a proposed solution. He can present a CTA designed to reduce or remove the viewer’s distress points.

Marketers trigger emotions to motivate viewers to follow a planned action. And when consumers follow through on the requested step, it’s a form of conversion for the campaign.


The Emotions that Drive Action

Some people believe that happy or flattering content is the best way into the viewer’s hearts. While either emotion is compelling, they’re not the only ones available for marketers. Greed, fear, and anxiety are efficient motivators. Sadness can also tug the heartstrings of viewers.

There is no concrete formula for producing an emotional video that draws in viewers 100% on board. But there are tried-and-tested emotion-to-action tactics that work.

Steps to Triggering an Emotional Reaction from Viewers

1. Figure out which emotions the video content must express.
Marketers need to work out which emotions the subject calls for. Social psychologist Jonah Berger states that people tend to share positive content. In his research, Berger claimed that there are six emotions that are always present in marketing videos. These are awe, anger, joy, fear, surprise, and lust.

Author Barry Feig discovered 16 emotions that inspire people into making a purchasing decision. On a basic level, when consumers make a sale, they like to:

• Have control on their situation or other people
• Feel better than other people • Learn new stuff
• Reexamine their lives
• Reinforce their family values
• Have a feeling of ownership
• Enjoy themselves
• Save time
• Get the best product or service
• Experience self-achievement
• Enjoy a romantic or sexual relationship
• Nurture other people
• Reinvent their lives for the better
• Become smarter
• Secure influence and power
• Turn their dream into a reality

All these visceral reactions can be a triggered by a right emotion.

2. Figure out which emotions the video content must express.
Craft a compelling story that will resonate well with the viewers. An unforgettable video experience delivers a roller coaster ride of emotions. There should be a desire to know what comes next while firing off twists and turns here and there.

It’s equally important to add down moments where the viewers can take a breath and regroup. Once the marketer pulls this off, the brand will have a video packed with highs and lows. These peaks will be gratifying emotionally and logical in its narrative. The video builds up to a message and serves a purpose.

It’s a smart marketing strategy to trigger an emotional reaction from viewers. Most humans are in touch with their feelings. By that account alone, using emotions will yield favorable results.