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How your business can benefit from facebook live

If you’re not the type who catches on quick, then social media marketing my not be for you. In just a period of how many years, Facebook has managed to shift the relevance of content from text-based, to image-based, to video formats. And just when audiences were still oohing and aahing about 3—to 60-second videos, Facebook introduced Facebook Live – and the marketers all came scrambling around, trying to make the most out of this amazing new video format.


Changing the Way Videos Impact the Market

Yes, live video has changed the way brands look at video marketing, simply because it has also changed the expectations and demands of the audiences. Now, people aren’t just contented with highly-edited and highly-scripted content. It’s all about raw footage that shows authenticity.

Interestingly enough, live video is not a Facebook first. Snapchat already went into live video sharing in 2011, and other apps like Meerkat and Periscope followed suit. But what made Facebook Live more effective is the fact that Facebook still remains to be the number one social network in the world. This means that every single live video feed shared here could potentially reach more people than you’ll ever see on other platforms.


How Facebook Live Helps Your Business

Facebook Live, without a doubt, has been highly beneficial for brands who have taken advantage of it right from the get-go. Here are some ways it can help your brand:

• Fresh and unique content
Social media audiences are always on the lookout for something fresh, preferably something they haven’t heard or seen before. Because Facebook Live allows you to present content from your own perspective, this is as unique as it gets.

There’s also something about actually being in an event, as opposed to watching the rerun a few days later on TV. With Facebook Live, you give that experience to your audiences. It’s fresh because it’s real time.

• Cost-effective videos
One common dilemma that brands have with video content is the budget. Videos used to be extremely costly to make, no matter how simple it is. But that’s technology for you. It continues to shape the process of making videos to give chance to smaller businesses to catch up. Facebook Live is one awesome way to do that.

• Direct audience interaction
The great barrier between brands and consumers is long gone, but a lot of businesses still struggle to connect with their audience directly. If this is the same dilemma you have, then Facebook Live is the perfect avenue for you. As your audience absorbs your content, they can also comment or react to it in real time.

• More traffic
Video content, as you probably know, drives more traffic into any page simply because it is more appealing and is easier to digest than any other form of content. Facebook Live amplifies this effect. And once you get the reputation of producing relevant live videos on a regular basis, audiences will just keep coming back without being prompted to do so.

• Great avenue for information dissemination
It’s already bringing in more traffic. It’s already garnering more attention than any other content you’ve published. Might as well go all the way and use every live video as a means to announce upcoming events, promote products, and share information about the brand and industry.

The impact of Facebook Live videos is undeniable. It’s not surprising that statistics show how 81% of users consumed more live streaming content in 2016 compared to the year before that. And once we get the numbers for this year, there would, no doubt, be even higher figures. It’s not going to be surprising if we find out that most of this live content comes from Facebook Live, either.

The countless ways by which Facebook Live can boost your campaigns will tell you that it’s not something you should forego. The possibilities are endless. You just need to know what you audiences wants and needs to know, then you can deliver it through Facebook Live and expect amazing results.