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LinkedIn for video marketing

After producing a marketing video, most businesses share their material on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and even through other paid video hosts. But what about LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is among the quintessential networks for B2B entrepreneurs and marketers. It has around 350 million users. It also sets itself apart from other platforms with its choice of a more professional and business-oriented market. Then again, most businesses underutilize this platform, which means LinkedIn video marketing content is underutilized, too.

But for marketers who promote their brand videos on this network, LinkedIn can be a money maker. It provides a tremendous opportunity to advertise directed B2B video campaigns that scope a professional target audience. It is the best platform to distribute the brand’s more business-oriented video content.

Here are the reasons marketers must consider LinkedIn video marketing for their next ad campaign.


LinkedIn bolsters the relationship between the brand and its customers.

Employing a LinkedIn video marketing strategy is an excellent opportunity to convey company news, updates, and bulletins efficiently. LinkedIn videos work exceptionally well on:

  • Announcing a new product feature. A brand marketer can upload videos showing the latest product launches or new services to make their clients feel closer to the company.
  • Storytelling. Sharing company stories in the first person POV (especially from the owner of the company) is an impressive way to generate brand awareness and to humanize the company.
  • Broadcasting company events. Make the audience feel even closer to the company by posting behind-the-scenes shots or private moments at events, conferences, or just around the office.
  • Creating advertising opportunities. LinkedIn videos can be announcements for exclusive discounts, special promotions, and other sales campaigns.


LinkedIn videos increase engagement.

At present, LinkedIn has over 1 million marketers sharing content, and they’re posting more than 130,000 posts each week. So, regardless of which industry the company is part of, LinkedIn is populated with thousands of influencers in its field. Among the most efficient approaches to stand above the competition is through videos, particularly animated ones.

LinkedIn users enjoy animated videos as they liven up the business-focused atmosphere of the network. Animated videos present helpful insight, simple to comprehend solutions, and immediate value with content that registered users can quickly watch. When a brand shares high-quality video content, it’s not just another voice in the crowd. Instead, it adds value to the conversation.

Video-driven content highlights the brand as a leader and a trusted source in its field. High-quality videos build a stronger brand image on LinkedIn and improve engagement with each post. The best videos can boost leads and present a seamless path to conversions down the line.


LinkedIn is the best place for business-to-business online videos

Today’s consumers are on LinkedIn. They are looking for solutions to their problems, and they want them easy and fast. A 60-second explainer video on LinkedIn is positioned to appeal to these people in a simplified and professional manner. Squeeze every ounce of LinkedIn video marketing possibilities out of these videos with a driven and well-curated marketing strategy.

LinkedIn is a vast B2B arena with millions of day-to-day users, which includes a large number of highly motivated shoppers. One of the benefits of LinkedIn video marketing is that it does not cost anything to incorporate videos onto the company’s LinkedIn page. Better still, marketers can supercharge their content, posts, and comments with the addition of relevant videos.

Posting a LinkedIn marketing video is a great opportunity to get noticed in the network’s news feed. This helps improve engagement on video content, which can then help set the brand in the horizon of prospective customers. Also, video content is statistically better than images and text-only marketing materials.

Videos grab the attention of LinkedIn users more, especially if the clip’s length is something they can watch even when they’re on the go. Given that video works more efficiently at getting points across at a faster rate, it’s the perfect type of content companies would want their clients to see.

Take advantage of LinkedIn as the huge specialized networking platform that it is.