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The use of online videos for business blogs

Online videos for blogs can help a company connect with its audience on an emotional level. They give the brand unique opportunities to better connect with their target market. Videos also create marketing advantages impossible to find through other advertising strategies like written content.

Video marketing helps companies make lasting human connections. Brands can use videos to show their target market that they’re more than just another faceless operation that populates the web. The payoff comes in various forms, like an increased online presence and stronger brand credibility.

Here are the top reasons why brands must incorporate online videos for blogs:

• Online videos result in wider reach.

Arguably the most significant benefit of online videos for marketing is expanded reach. Video content provides a brand access to vast, and often free, traffic sources like YouTube and Vimeo. Video marketing is one of the most efficient ways to spread the word about the brand’s product or service.

Online users are more inclined to save and share videos than text-based posts. This is because by nature, people respond more to highly visual content. Whenever they find and share a video that connects with them on a personal level, the brand’s online presence grows.

• Online videos present three-dimensional customer testimonials.

Reviews and testimonials from actual customers are vital to bolstering the brand’s credibility. They also boost the likelihood of website and blog visitors becoming paying customers. Strategic and truthful testimonials from actual customers can easily persuade skeptical visitors to do business with the brand better than any other marketing strategies.

Consumers trust customer video testimonials about 12 times more than text-based reports or statements from the company itself. Although written reviews are far better than no feedback at all, video testimonials are significantly more persuasive and compelling. This is because skeptical visitors get a reliable assurance that the brand’s “happy customers” are real and genuinely satisfied with the company’s way of handling the business. Videos also lessen suspicions about the company because video testimonials are hard to fake.

• Online videos add “personality” to the brand’s message.

Unlike other forms of content, videos can easily inject personality or character into a message. Most of the text-based material come off as dreary and sterile. Worse, some marketers try to inject personality into their written copy by hyping every other sentence or exaggerating every word.
Consumers want to do business with a brand they know and trust. Even if the brand offers a great product or service, if it can’t stand out against the competition, then it’ll greatly suffer from less conversion rates.

With video content, there is no shortage of personality. And when a video has character, people are more likely to remember it even after time passes by.

IKEA defines the why, how and what behind their catalogue in a video, instead of selling their products. By that, IKEA creates a feeling, emotion and a personality to the customer.

• Online videos are far more memorable than written copies.

People are exposed to thousands of ads and promos whenever they browse online. Most of these ads don’t even register in their minds as online users ignore them on a subconscious level. Even if a written copy manages to catch a consumer’s attention, it’s doubtful that he’ll remember it after a while.

The opposite happens with video ads. Online users can easily ignore written copy, but not video content. The fact that there’s a video promoting the brand’s product or service already establishes a commitment in the minds of the audience. This positive effect triggers another affirmative action, which is to persuade the visitors to watch the video quickly.

• Online videos boost customer satisfaction.

Marketing products online present various challenges, one of which is the inability of buyers to feel and inspect the product with their own hands. Using a video helps overcome this particular problem. A brand can show the product or service in use rather than just telling the market how it works. Videos also help customers visualize how the product or service can help them fix their problem.

Andrélon shows the customer a solution to a problem. The video visualizes how the product can help to fix the problem.

Adding online videos for blogs create an opportunity for a company to connect with its target market quickly. It’s a video marketing strategy every business needs to take advantage of.