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6 Ways to promote Youtube videos

If used and maximized correctly, YouTube is a visual online social network slash search engine positioned for serious video marketing. It’s a powerful business tool that shows the company’s expertise, generates brand awareness, delivers insights, advertises events, builds relationships with end-users, and establishes credibility.

But once more, only IF YouTube is used and maximized correctly.

There are thousands and thousands of businesses using YouTube to market their product. Space isn’t the issue because the video host can accommodate everyone. The problem is the competition that also uses the site to promote their brand. With over 300 hours of YouTube videos uploaded every minute, a marketer needs a promotion strategy to ensure that the brand will be found by its target market.

Surefire Ways to Promote YouTube Videos

1. Optimize Channel Customization

First impression lasts, and in terms of YouTube marketing, the first impression also determines the return rate of site visitors and guests. As such, it’s highly discouraged to just leave the brand’s YouTube channel lifeless. Instead, personalize it with colors and designs, post images and links, add a description and logo, and more.

It’s also possible to produce a trailer video that will be shown for first-time and recurring channel visitors. It’s a good idea to squeeze in a bit of an intro and description of what the YouTube channel offers in the trailer video.

This is an excellent place to start in establishing a loyal list of YouTube followers and viewers.

2. Add a Call to Action In fact, don’t just add it.

Instead, embed call-to-action overlay on the brand’s YouTube videos. Marketers aiming to steer people to other related videos can keep their call-to-action overlay open to the displayed video. A call-to-action overlay could also be the answer to a viewer’s next question or interest.

Mainly, the possibilities of call-to-action overlays are virtually limitless. The marketer can ask or direct the viewers to share, comment, like, subscribe, and so on depending on the goal of the video.

3. Use and Optimize SEO

There’s no avoiding Search Engine Optimization if the marketer’s goal is to create a video that ranks well in search engine results. And every marketing campaign, in one way or another, has that goal in mind.

Let the video be rich in keywords, titles, and descriptions relevant to the content. Incorporate the main keyword in the title. Keep it on-point. But remember, Google pushes back the videos and sites that are overloaded with keywords. Therefore, just have the main keyword in the title and the secondary keywords in the description.

Also, add relevant keywords in the video tag box.

4. Post on Social Media

Facebook has 8 billion video views each day. Around 80% of all Twitter users like viewing video content on the platform. Advertising the YouTube channel on these social networks can undoubtedly drive substantial traffic.

By using social networks, the video content gets introduced to a bigger audience. Each time a fan or follower likes, comments or shares a brand video, their followers see that activity. This endorses the video and improves audience engagement to the channel.

5. Be a Pro Uploader

Reliability takes on a crucial role in sustaining a long-lasting commitment with YouTube subscribers. People follow a channel because they love the brand and don’t mind watching their videos.

So, by posting more and more videos, it’s possible to keep up and match the demands of the subscribers. It’ll also be great to create a timetable for uploading videos and notifying the subscribers about it well ahead of time.

6. Create a Playlist

Set up a playlist when there are a few videos on the channel. The playlist will make it easy for the viewers to watch all the videos conveniently. And once a viewer is tied in for several videos in the playlist, the total watch time goes higher.

Be strategic when setting up a YouTube playlist. Filter and categorize the videos according to relevant topics. Also, optimize them for improved visibility.

By following these promotional tips, it’ll be easy to optimize YouTube videos for marketing.