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5 Ways to use Facebook video for more engagement

You may have gotten the kind of reach you were hoping for on Facebook. But engagement is another story altogether. Increasing engagement requires a completely different set of ingredients. Facebook videos are usually on top of the ingredient list. How do you use Facebook videos to increase your page’s engagement?

1. Create educational videos.

Don’t just make videos for the sake of having video content. Make sure your audience gets something out of it by making each video as educational as possible.

You can make how-to videos, or maybe create a short video with a relevant tip about the field you’re in. Just make sure you keep things upbeat and interesting to avoid boring your audience.

2. Create inspirational videos.

Feeding your audience knowledge and information is good. Sending the message in an inspirational manner is even better.

Share stories about how somebody’s life changed through your product or service. You can even share about a good deed that your brand is involved in. UPS does a great job of doing this. They show Facebook videos of charities they support and invite people to do their share. Not only would videos like these put your name in a good light, it also tugs at the heart of your audience, which usually creates better results.

3. Put a little fun into it.

No matter how serious your brand is, it pays to inject a little humor into it every now and then. This makes your brand a little bit more human. And you’d have to admit, even the most serious people on earth have a fun and wacky side as well.

Cater to this side of your audiences by adding some fun into it. You can create animated videos that explain what you do in a completely light and humorous manner, or you can post some behind-the-scenes videos that show that lighter side of what goes on in your business.

4. Use Facebook video ads.

Ideally, if your video content is good enough, you can trust your audience to widen your reach and boost your engagement for you. But no matter how proactive your audiences are, or how amazing your video is performing, there’s always a way to make it fare better. Facebook video ads can be the perfect way to do this.

By using Facebook video ads, you can reach audiences that you haven’t quite reached yet, but are interested in your field. Facebook ads do not even dictate a specific amount for you to spend. It will be completely up to you to decide how much you’re willing to shell out, making it a possibility no matter how low your budget is.

5. Ember your Facebook videos on your blogs.

Whether they’re your own blogs, or a guest post on someone else’s blog, embedding your Facebook video on the page will automatically expand your reach. Not only will there be more chances of Google or other search engines picking it up, you can also reach those who are not following you on Facebook just yet.

The great thing about Facebook videos is that they’re extremely easy to embed anywhere. An “embed post” button is available on the video itself. And once the video is embedded, anyone who watches the video outside the Facebook platform still gets to see all comments, likes and other similar interaction as if they’re on the social media page itself.

Facebook has definitely found every possible way to make it easy for marketers and brand owners to reach their audience. And with the tools that come with Facebook videos, the possibilities and opportunities are even better.

Facebook videos have definitely changed the way video content can impact different industries. Where videos were once seen as expensive and complicated to use in marketing strategies, they are not more accessible and much more effective. This is why you can’t waste any more time trying to figure out how to pull up your engagement. Just make your Facebook video strategy foolproof, and your engagement stats will follow.