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Advantages of Wistia for business videos

Marketers who are just setting up their video marketing campaign often ask if they should only use YouTube as a video host. After all, YouTube is a free platform. It also has over a billion users. So, why bother using Wistia for business videos?

The answer: if cultivating the site’s traffic, boosting conversion rates, and improving overall engagement with the content are focal points for the brand, Wistia is the best choice because:


It generates traffic into the website.

YouTube is created to serve businesses looking to generate income from videos and organizations wanting to advertise their campaigns and causes. But here’s the trap: YouTube is also designed to keep viewers on the site.

Wistia is different. It is centered mainly on helping marketers drive traffic towards the company website or blog. Using Wistia’s automated video SEO, the pages will rank higher in SERPs. The good thing is that marketers don’t need additional SEO training as the video host all just tackles optimization on its own.


It works across company teams/departments.

Using Wistia for business videos helps marketers accomplish remarkable results for their marketing campaign. However, many businesses choose Wistia to influence other departments, too. Here are a few examples of how company teams or departments use Wistia to operate better and quicker:

• Sales Team – With Wistia’s Turnstile email aggregator and integrations with marketing automation systems, companies produce qualified leads straight from the videos and conveniently pass them onto sales.
• Customer Support – Whether the video is to welcome a new customer or to teach an old one to use a new product feature, Wistia makes it simple to produce and share content right within emails.
• Human Resources – Using Wistia’s sections, adjustable playback speeds, and annotation links, thriving businesses can train new hires through videos. The company can direct new workers to in-depth sources with annotation links, utilize chapters so they can skip to the information they need, and provide them the choice of speeding up (or down) the run-through.


It provides in-depth analytics that helps accumulate favorable outcomes.

Wistia’s analytics offers significantly more details than many other video platforms. Marketers can promptly determine how the viewers consume and connect with the videos, get an aggregated review of a video’s efficiency, and point out how individual visitors watch the videos.

At the standard level, marketers can keep close track of the Total Plays to determine precisely how many people have viewed the video. For more in-depth stats, they can look at the Play Rate and obtain the percentage of page visitors who engaged play and began watching. It’s an excellent way to ensure the video is posted on the most pertinent part of the page.

• Heatmaps

Individual heatmaps will clue marketers in to more comprehensive data. From this feature, they can conveniently see which segments of the video each person has watched, re-watched, and skipped over. By using these details, marketers can discover what content connects best with the target audience.

• Average Engagement

Marketers need to explore their Average Engagement, which is the average percentage of a video an audience watches. This could be a lot more effective compared to view count since it suggests the quality of the views. As soon as viewers pressed play, how much of the video did they actually watch? Did they find the content beneficial? Using the video’s Engagement Graph, marketers can immediately recognize trends in viewing patterns, like which specific parts the viewers repeatedly watch.

• Conversions Monitor

In addition to analytics relevant to viewing behavior, Wistia for business videos also helps monitor conversions taking place within the player. Whenever a viewer engages with the video, their clicks and responses are documented on the video statistics. Whether they clicked the annotation link or completed a Turnstile, it is possible to see the information directly on the Stats page. That way, marketers can see which videos are the most effective for the brand.

With all these metrics at their disposal, marketers can augment the video efforts and employ specific data to run other areas of the marketing campaign.