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Build brand awareness with video marketing

Video marketing has skyrocketed in the past few years. It’s no surprise since it’s the most efficient way to promote a brand, product or service. It conveys a message and shares information. Well-made video content engages the audience and inspires actions from the viewers. Marketers can also build brand awareness with video marketing.

Marketing videos provide a sensory-rich experience. They can communicate what the brand embodies. They also express a visual appeal that represents the business. More importantly, they tell the brand story most effectively.


Generate Brand Awareness with Video Content

Videos are a powerhouse medium for establishing and strengthening brand awareness. They are easier for the viewers to digest than written content. Videos are also easy to share on various social channels. Improving brand awareness is an omnipresent video marketing goal. The best way to achieve this goal is to create a compelling marketing strategy.

Below are techniques marketers can use to build brand awareness with video marketing.

1. Determine the brand’s target market.

To boost brand awareness, marketers must identify and understand the brand’s ideal viewers. The aim is to draw in consumers who have a genuine interest in what the brand offers. Start by distinguishing the prime demographic or persona. Look at critical descriptors such as age, location, sex, and race. It’s also imperative to run the viewers’ lifestyle and purchasing habits.

2. Establish the brand identity.

Videos are particularly potent at improving brand awareness. This is because they deliver information less blatantly. While some people appreciate straight talk, no one likes in-your-face promotions. A video can showcase brand identity through visuals, fonts, and colors. Even the sounds, tones, and pacing of the video can communicate brand identity.

Marketers use brand logos and colors cohesively across all the business’s representations. These include the company website, blog, print ad, journals, and even freebie items. With video campaigns, they must also use consistent stylistic details on all brand videos. For instance, the videos can use a specific genre of music or a filter. Or they could have a similar color scheme or cinematic style.

Think about the visual and audio styles as well as special effects that could present the brand best. And then create content pieces that all stick to the design criteria.

3. Produce various types of video content.

A compelling video marketing campaign requires more than one type of video. Certain varieties of videos are ideal for generating brand awareness. These include:

• Product demo videos. Showcase the products or services while exhibiting their use or unique features. Product demos can be highly effective in enhancing brand awareness. This is particularly true when their creative components mirror the brand identity.

• Micro videos. Viewers consume short videos that are faster, especially on handheld devices. They also tend to share short videos on social media, thus helping spread brand awareness.

• How-to videos. Content with guides and tips help in establishing the brand as a niche leader. By cultivating the expert stance, the videos get outbound links from other sites. This helps in spreading brand awareness to new prospects.

4. Optimize the video content.
Refining the video content for SEO puts the material in a more solid position for organic search. Optimizing requires the use of relevant search keywords in titles and descriptions. Pertinent keywords should also be integrated into the videos.

These techniques will yield positive results as they meet various search engine algorithms. They will also help supercharge the video’s search engine ranking. The higher the ranking is, the more exposure the brand gets.

5. Create mobile-friendly videos.
These days, it is a must to create videos that are responsive on handheld devices. A considerable percentage of viewers will be watching the videos on their smartphones and tablets. If the videos aren’t mobile-friendly, it’ll be difficult for users to find them. And if they remember the brand, it’s likely because of disappointment.

Keep in mind that the brand has only one chance to make a great first impression. And the cultivation of brand awareness relies on it.