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How to create online videos powerful enough to change a brand

Videos are considered the most engaging promotion structure of modern-day advertising. In fact, it’s set to blow up into a new world of virtual reality platforms and gadgets in the next couple of years. As such, it solidifies its top position in the realm of brand promotion.

Video marketing is a pillar in the advertising arena. But, why do effective video campaigns continue to be a challenge for a lot of marketers? To a degree, it’s because there are lots of video ads available. Another reason is that almost everything digital changes in a snap.

To stand out from the competition, a brand needs a potent video marketing campaign. Here are handy tips and tricks to create online videos powerful enough to change a brand.


Create content in the preferred video format of the target market.

Videos are not a one-size-fits-all answer anymore. In the past, people consumed TV ads that propagated a regular structure and an average time-span. Today, viewers consume video on various channels. These channels are available on multiple devices that have many versions and lengths.

The video consumers themselves state the manner videos are consumed. Contrary to what others think, the attention span of viewers today hasn’t dropped. But they have spread out in different formats and devices. Take Instagram and Snapchat as examples. Both apps cater to this growing trend by featuring short, vertical videos.

Social indicators suggest that vertical video usage is only going to keep growing. Currently, looking at screens means glancing up and down over 30% of the time. Horizontal video ads that are over 30 seconds feel foreign in the social media landscape.

Also, new virtual reality and 360-degree platforms shift the way the audience interacts with video. As such, marketers must generate content best suited to these new platforms.


Cross-promote to build community engagement.

People who are active on various channels and devices take on different forms of content. An ad will only remain on top of a consumer’s mind if it engages across the board. There should be content nuggets on various platforms that points to a single message. Productive content creators and video marketers enhance videos with an active social media presence. They re-target marketing campaigns and viewer’s connection to drive engagement.

Marketers should also cross-promote their content in and out. Create internal links on the pieces of the content spread across digital platforms. Use niche influencers for external organic promotion. These two approaches build community engagement. Cross-promotion tells a story that is more than just a single video or channel.

Videos can boost brand reach by merging with social-sharing sites. Marketers who focus on community engagement can increase viewership and grow brand loyalty.


Take action to guarantee viewability.

To grab the viewers’ attention, marketers must start with the fundamentals of marketing. For starters, make sure the videos are, in fact, viewable. In theory, viewability is simple and straightforward. In practice, it is hard and challenging.

There are two main roadblocks to viewability. The first one is ad fraud. There are a lot of accounts claiming that for every $3 invested in digital marketing, $1 goes to scams. Ad fraud has become a major problem in the industry. The digital environment is packed with nefarious crawlers and evil bots. Marketers can avoid these bogus promoters by employing anti-fraud measures. They also need to look for clear proof for all traffic.

The second hurdle is inadequate information on viewability metrics. A lot of metric providers only present the number of views ad impressions made. In so doing, they gloss over critical points like visibility and consummation data. Marketers need to use metric tools that can provide precise viewability details.

Experienced marketers are able to preempt these two viewability challenges. By asking the right questions ahead of the campaign launch, these roadblocks can be avoided.

The tips above can make a world of difference in marketing for brand awareness. Follow them to create online videos powerful enough to change a brand.