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Important factors to consider fo video marketing content

A video is a compelling storyteller, which is the primary reason why video marketing is THE medium to beat these days. Videos serve as a central proving ground for the company’s promotional campaigns and innovative marketing content ideas. The emotional resonant mixtures of sound, visuals, and motions in the videos also help in triggering reactions from the audience.

Overall, video marketing content creates a more satisfying relationship between the brand and its target market.
Now, high-quality videos don’t just happen. Often, they are the result of painstaking planning and meticulous groundworks. Several factors need to be considered to ensure that the end-product is a video the will serve the brand well.

Below are the crucial factors to consider for exceptional video marketing content.


Video Format/Style

The choice of the video format depends on different variables. When choosing the video style to use, answer these questions:

  • What is the message the brand wants to impart through the video?
  • What is the primary objective of the video? Is it to educate the target market, to inspire the audience, to entertain the online users, or to reach out to different demographics?
  • Who will benefit the most from the video? Who is the target audience that will respond best to the content of the video? How will they react after watching the video?
  • How does the company plan on displaying the video? Will it be exclusive online? Will there be a TV version of the clip? How will the videos be distributed to different social media platforms?
  • How does the company express itself to the public? Does the brand have a signature marketing tone?

Answering these questions will help the marketing team choose the video format that can convey the message of the video more fluidly.



Also, in so many cases, a good background music is the sound that the viewer hardly notices when it’s there, but will definitely notice when it’s not.

The background music plays a vital role in the creation of high-quality marketing videos. The right music can drive the video forward and trigger the right emotions to the audience. But, choosing the right music or sound for video content can get tricky.

It’s important to prioritize the feelings that will enhance the message of the video.

How does the company want the viewers to feel when they watch the video? What does the audience feel after watching the video? Should they be ecstatic about a new product/service launch? Should they feel warm and fuzzy from a heartwarming promo clip?

All these feelings have a corresponding style of music that can help trigger a specific emotion.



Choosing the voice for the video marketing content is critical because it reflects the way the company wants to connect with its target market. It’s an essential aspect of the overall branding that can differentiate the company from the competition.

When it comes to deciding the voice of the video, the target audience matters the most. Think of the target market’s age range, geographic location, spending habits, and brand attitude. From these variables, it’ll be easy to pinpoint the tone or the voice that will resonate well with the viewers.



Similar to the voice, the actor in the video plays an essential role in building rapport with the audience. The actor should come across as a credible and realistic embodiment of the brand. Choosing the right actor for video marketing content can be challenging, especially if the company has a limited marketing budget. The trick here is to use the subconscious part of the brain. Experts say it’s a decent casting director.
The subconscious reaction to a performance of an actor boils down to the ability of the performer to communicate the inner and outer life of the character to the audience. During the selection process, if the acting evokes the emotional or the visceral response parallel to the goal of the video, then go ahead, hire the actor.



For video marketing content, think cinematically. Take advantage of the moving visuals by using different angles and viewpoints to keep the audience entertained and engaged. Even seemingly mundane videos like a product demo can benefit from transitional shots to build a separate layer of context to the subject. These cinematic shots also help in refocusing the audience’s attention to the product or service.

It’s imperative to choose the right type of video for every phase of the customer journey. This way, the brand can reach out to the right people and address their concerns the right way.