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Interactieve videos for marketing

Online video marketing is more effective than text- and image-based content. In fact, 60% of online users prefer watching videos about a brand rather than reading articles about it. Considering the benefits of video marketing, it’s safe to assume that most businesses utilize this adverting tool, right? Nope!

The problem is a lot of marketers still find it challenging to implement correct video marketing practices. They don’t know which type of video is best for the message they want to deliver to their target market. The good news is that there’s one style of video marketing that addresses all the needs of a marketing team.

Enter interactive videos for marketing campaigns.

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Play, Pause, Engage

Interactive video is a collaborative type of engagement. It gives the audience opportunities not just to watch the video, but to actively engage with it using the incorporated call-to-action overlays.

For marketers, measuring the KPIs of interactive videos are simpler to do than calculating results on regular videos. For consumers, interacting with the video is a fun way of learning new things about a brand, product or service.


Benefits of Interactive Videos

What’s in it for the brand? Interactive videos are a lot more memorable – and fun – than standard marketing videos. Consumers tend to recall more a video ad that made them do something (active) than one that just let them watch (passive) the whole thing. Even a simple “click this button” or “choose between these options” action is more engaging than just listening to an actor who tells a story or enumerates product features.

Also, the conversion rates of interactive videos outperform other marketing promotions like banner ads, written content, and even paid advertisements. As such, it’s imperative that a company plan creates and distributes interactive videos properly. Its marketing team needs to pay attention to following variables:

  • Target audience – define who will benefit most from the interactive content, also determine which market the material is for;
  • Brand goals – interactive videos give the marketing team the opportunity to be as creative as they can, so they even get to decide how the viewers can interact with the content;
  • Degree of difficulty of the action – determine how easy or how challenging the viewer’s choices are going to be;
  • Length of the action – the longer the viewers are on the company website, watching and interacting with the video, the higher the likelihood the brand message will get through.


The Basics of Interactive Videos

One of the core factors that make interactive videos for marketing campaigns a success is the platform where the videos are posted and distributed.

• Landing Page
Interactive videos are perfect for a landing page since it’s a platform where hyper-focused materials are expected. Also, landing pages have specific marketing goals so interactive videos can be built around these goals.

Posting interactive videos on the site’s landing page makes sense given that the videos can generate the highest engagement ratings on any marketing content on the page. Interactive videos are also a great way to tell an immersive story that ties-up with the overall marketing campaign of the brand.

• Homepage
The website homepage is the first page visitors see. As it’s the “welcome mat” of the website, adding interactive video content will pique the interest of the site visitors. As per ReelSEO, a home page video can boost the site’s conversion rate by up to 20%. That percentage will exponentially change if the video posted on the page is interactive.

When it comes to interactive videos for marketing campaigns, regardless of where they’re posted, creativity helps in generating leads. The great thing is that the possibilities are only limited to what the brand wants to ask its audience, and how much the viewers are willing to answer.

All brands want to make a lasting impression on their target audience. Every business wants to provide content to their viewers that is worth sharing. Interactive videos cover both needs and more.