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Outlining measurable video marketing goals to guarantee succes

The most critical step to achieving video marketing success is to fully understand the goals of the campaign. The marketing team must establish goals that are concrete, realistic, well-explained, achievable, and measurable. Video marketing goals should have a precise timetable. Strategizing to achieve 5,000 views for a promotional video is a realistic goal as a whole, but it makes an enormous impact and difference whether the video reaches its target in a week or a year.

Outlining the goals also helps in creating the actual videos. If there are defined objectives, the preproduction, production, and postproduction of the videos will also have a clear outline. Production elements like the budget per shoot and the pieces of equipment to use are correctly decided when there are established video marketing goals in place. The objectives act like the foundation where the entire campaign is built.

Below are video marketing goals every campaign needs to prioritize:


Achieve a substantial number of video views.

This is arguably the most obvious and most consistent goal for every advertising campaign. Regardless of the type of video used or its content, attracting a significant number of viewers is a priority. Having said that, the number of views isn’t an end in and of itself. Rather, it’s a clear indicator if the team is hitting the campaign goals or not.

It’s also important to note that even if the video hits more than the target views, if the audience is outside the brand’s target market, then it isn’t the same as hitting the actual goal.


Reach the brand’s target market.

This goal is tied up with the previous one. Yes, the number of views matter, but only if the viewers are within the brand’s target market. A million views on a promo video will have an impact on the brand, but this impact is not as enormous if all the viewers are not part of the demographic that the brand is targeting.

Also, it’s important to use a platform that has a breakdown of the viewers reached. The video can have a massive view count, but only because the same people who watched it the first time are watching it again. Advanced video analytic tools help segment the viewers by category. They can group the viewers per age, gender, and location. The categories will aid the team in deciding which group to prioritize.

The video marketing goal must be to reach the people within the brand’s target market, so there’ll be more chances of conversion.


Inspire viewer loyalty.

Some videos can inspire viewers to watch them repeatedly. This means the content touches the audience on some level (most likely, emotionally). Repeat viewers from the brand’s target market is a good sign that the campaign resonates well with the audience. Having the power to turn viewers into video subscribers is an important metric to appraise viewer loyalty.


Encourage viewer engagement.

Video marketing is closely tied to social media marketing since the videos are likely published on social networking sites. As such, creating a community through social engagement is a vital video marketing goal. If the objective of the campaign is to reach a wider audience and interact with them on a regular basis, the degree of the social engagement on the videos must be meticulously tracked.


Boost social media sharing.

The social networking world is brimming with shares and reposts of videos, particularly on Facebook and Twitter. That’s a medium that can help spread brand awareness. Encouraging followers to share the videos on their social accounts is critical. Social media sharing spreads the word about the brand, product or service faster than anything else.

Outlining measurable video marketing goals can be challenging at the beginning. It can also be a struggle to define the exact objectives and values into a non-static marketing form like video sharing. It’s important to expect that the goals will shift and slightly change as the team gets real-time outcome from videos already posted online.