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Personalized video as marketing content

A personalized video is the happy – and often perfect – union of two of today’s most prominent marketing trends: video content and personalization.

It seems like everything is personalized these days. From retail clothes to insurance policies, businesses have discovered that when a consumer feels like the product or service is customized for her or her needs, she’ll likely buy it without second thoughts.

The trend of personalization in video marketing is effective because people are attracted to the concept of “uniquely their own.” Buying a pair of sneakers is good and all, but buying a customized pair of sneakers – preferable with the buyer’s name on it – is like owning a limited edition.

The same concept is applied to personalized videos as marketing content.


Personalization and Video Marketing, the Perfect Pairing

Personalization taps into the desire of people for control. A product made just for a person indicates that she has something to do with its creation. Thus, she has control over it. Also, a personalized content is easy to search and comprehend. It removes all the superfluous details and gets straight to the point.

Companies that have used personalization in their video marketing campaigns noted that the tailored videos increase their conversion rates by up to 80%. As per ComScore, consumers who’ve watched a personalized video are 64 to 84% more likely to buy the product or acquire the service promoted on the clip.


How to Create Personalized Videos as Marketing Content

There are plenty of ways to incorporate personalized videos in a company’s overall marketing strategy, such as:

• Promoting other content materials.

While it’s true that video marketing is all the rage right now, text- and image-based content are still effective advertising channels. Brand managers can use personalized videos as a supplement for text-only content or infographics. This particularly works when the materials are used in email marketing. The supplemental video can describe what the viewers/readers can learn from the written or image content. It can be personalized by adding key phrases like “prepared especially for (recipient’s name).”

• Announcing a new product or service.

Consumers love a company that responds to their requests (or in some cases, demands). They feel that their inputs are valued and appreciated. This interaction adds another layer of trust between the brand and its target market. By announcing a new product or service – or even just a new feature of an old product, consumers’ concerns are addressed.

Here is an example of a personalized template for this marketing tactic:

Hi, (customer name)! We’ve heard about your dilemma. As we honor your trust in (company name), we’ve come up with a solution to your problem. We present (name of the new product or service). We specially created this for you.

To further emphasize the brand’s message, make sure to add in the video the new product or service in action. This way, the viewers can actually see how the brand can fix their problem.

• Show the world that there are people behind the brand.

Personalized videos don’t have to be all about product or service promotions. They can be about the brand as well – particularly the people behind it. Release a personalized video when something big is about to happen like the company anniversary. The video can be a “thank you” message from the owner of the company. It can show employees at the party, celebrating the event.

Consumers love to see the faces behind the brand they patronize. They trust businesses more when they see that there are actual people behind the products and services.

• Recruit top talents.

Personalized videos as marketing content are not just about what the brand can offer to consumers. They can also be what the company can provide to potential employees. HR managers can use personalized videos to woo potential employees. They can use curated videos that show how beneficial and awesome it is to work for the company. They can even target top candidates on a more personal level by creating a mock profile of the candidate with awards and recognition they can get once they join the team.

A personalized video is an efficient way to catch and keep the attention of leads, consumers and potential employees. This is the kind of namedrop that will benefit the company.