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Snapchat video marketing guidelines

Vibrant filters, face-swapping effects, and fun messaging, along with other playful features, have made Snapchat wildly successful among users of all ages. And companies are equally attuned to the many advantages of the app from a business point of view.

Snapchat users are presently enjoying an astonishing 10 billion videos each day. The sky is the limit with the app, and businesses are promptly jumping aboard. Marketers work out what materials are generating the most engagement on this platform.

For most users, particularly the younger generation, Snapchat is a leading form of communication. As a result, Snapchat has become a vital network that brands and influencers should optimize for their marketing campaigns.

Between companies and end-users, over 9,000 snaps are transpiring every second. But that does not mean marketers should approach the app the same way they would use any other social media platform. Instead, Snapchat calls for a different tactic on its own.

Below are some unique Snapchat video marketing guidelines that marketers need to consider when using the app.


Keep a eye in what to snap

On other social media platforms, at any given time, a marketer can delete posts. Nevertheless, even that feature never stopped audiences from taking a permanently-incriminating screen capture. On Snapchat, end users know that content vanishes almost immediately after viewing, so they’re even more prone to grabbing a screenshot of what they see.

As such, marketers should always think first about what they can share to the public. They need to consider the setting they’re in. They also need to think about the perspective from which the snap may come across when the audience views it.

This can be somewhat challenging at times, especially in aiming to market “at the moment” snaps, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Avoid over-snapping

Not everything the company does must be documented with a snap. And not all information has to be shared to the target market. This can be hard to resist, especially if there’s a special event happening. But it doesn’t take very long for a Snapchat story to end up as minutes-long streams of photos and videos. And for this app, that is the definition of excessive.

So, preferably, curate the best materials to post for the brand’s story. That means, NOT every single thing.


Say no to vomiting content

Don’t use Snapchat as yet another platform to promote the same material posted everywhere else. Lots of companies use Snapchat because of the authenticity it presents. Marketers should use it to bolster community ties by sharing content that shows another side of the brand. For most businesses, personal engagement is the gateway to the successes of using the app for marketing.


Time the snaps accordingly

When marketers take a snap, the app sorts out the content to its default length – which is ten seconds. This may not appear to be a lot of time. However, it can feel quite long when all the user has to do is stare at the photo.

Rather than keeping with the default option, modify the Snapchat settings to minimize the time that photo stays alive.


Take notice

It’s important to experiment to figure out what type of content the brand followers respond to the most. That does not mean marketers should run off and go nuts with the app. Thriving on social media is generally about trial and error, observing what content appeals to the audience and what misses the mark.

To put it briefly, marketers must remind themselves of the value of paying attention to what their target market needs and wants.

  • Observe what the audience is absorbing from other brands and influencers in the industry.
  • Take note of what the viewers enjoy and rave about.
  • Look at trends and updates on Snapchat.


Using Snapchat for marketing is relatively straightforward. But succeeding at it takes special considerations and tactics. With the use of these Snapchat video marketing guidelines, marketers will be able to maximize the benefits of the app to guarantee the success of their campaigns.