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Question to ask before starting a video marketing campaign

Successful marketing campaigns, regardless of their mediums, start with everyone being on the same page. Creating a video marketing campaign is no different. So, how can everyone – the business owner, the product/service expert, the marketing team, and other key people involved in the project – be on the same page?

Start by laying everything out during the creative brief. Allow everyone involved to see the concept the team had brainstormed for the campaign. Meet with each key player and walk them through the briefing. Ask for their inputs.

The creative brief for any video marketing campaign should always answer the 5 W’s and 1 H of advertising 101. Below is a template of questions that every marketer should ask (and answer) before the start of a new video marketing campaign.


Who is the target audience?

While this seems like a no-brainer, a lot of companies still neglect to define their target audience accurately. It’s important to identify the consumers that will benefit the most from the video content. This way, the marketing team can use the necessary tools and emotional triggers that can connect with the target audience. The first step of outlining the strategic video marketing goals is identifying the people that genuinely need the product or service.


Why does the brand opt for a video marketing campaign?

Video marketing isn’t cheap. Even the most affordable type of video content requires investment in video production tools like microphones, cameras, etc. So, out of all marketing mediums, why does the company choose video marketing? More so, out of all the types of videos available, how can the marketing team pick the format that will best suit the campaign message?

There must be definite reasons why video content is the best way to present the subject. Is it to educate the audience about a particular topic? Is it to provide new information about the company? Is it to explain a new product feature? Is it to promote a written piece of content?

Sharing the nitty-gritty details of the campaign with the key people will help them understand and visualize the concept more coherently.


What are the creative requirements?

Answering this question is particularly important if the video project will be part of an integrated marketing campaign. If it is, it’s essential to ensure that the videos are in line with the overall presentation of the campaign. This means all aspects of the video – the tone, color, language, feel, etc. – must follow the central features of the brand.


When will the video be released?

More than advertising, this is project management 101. Having said that, it’s still important that everyone has a set of timelines and due dates for each phase of the project. These timelines include the brief, the brainstorming phase, the pre-production shoot, the actual shoot, the post-production shoot, and the distribution of the videos online.


Where will the video be distributed?

The video is going to be online. But, where specifically? Is it going to be posted on the website’s landing page? Will it be responsive to various social media platforms? Each social network has its own set of video parameters. It’s crucial to create versions of the video that will suit each platform perfectly.


How can the team measure the video’s effectiveness?

It’s imperative that the key people are aware of the metrics (and how to measure them) before the actual video is produced. This is connected to the importance of setting up the goals of the video campaign in advance so that everyone understands the purpose of the project.

By having defined goals, it’s easier to pinpoint which metrics work and which need improvement.

When these questions have been answered, presenting the creative brief for the video marketing campaign becomes more transparent and less chaotic. It’s important to send all the information to everyone participating in the project – even if they’re not involved in all stages of the campaign – so everyone will be on the same page.