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Succesful video ad campaigns marketers should consider

Video ads convert. That’s a fact. There are millions of video ads available right now. That’s also a fact. As such, brands need to break the mold to stand out from the competition. They must present something unique, thought-provoking, and relevant to go viral. The best video ads are products of collaborative marketing and the proper use of consumer insights. These viral videos went through several modifications and testing, too.

To inspire marketers, below are three successful ad campaigns that have ticked all the right marketing spots.



Campaign: 25,915 Days

Concept: On average, humans live for 25,915 days. Reebok wants the viewers to use those days to respect their body and push it to its physical limits. The brand’s #HonorYourDays marketing campaign has no spoken words. However, its message is still powerful: to make the most of these days by “honoring the body you’ve been given.”

The video ad follows a woman’s journey of honoring her body by running. The pace is set in reverse. It starts with her running, of course with a pair of Reebok shoes, as a middle-aged woman. Its storyline flows back to her running days in high school, up until the day she was born. The video message conveys the brand’s mission of changing how people experience their physicality at any age. It also subtly lets viewers know that Reebok is available for their needs at all times. Highlights for Marketers: By putting a sense of urgency behind the message, viewers are urged to take action now so they won’t miss out. This is a powerful emotional motivator and makes the message compelling and actionable.



Campaign: Meet the Makers series

Concept: Intel produced a five-part ad series that gears toward inspirational videos. Each ad-features a person who uses products or services from Intel to produce one-of-a-kind experiences and awe-inspiring technology.

One of the videos features 13-year old Shubham Banerjee. He tells his story of using Intel’s technology to help him create a prototype and eventually build a cost-effective braille printer. He aims for his creation to help more blind people to read easily.

All five videos have the same powerful message – that using Intel technology makes a big difference in people’s lives and makes the world a better place. By presenting viewers with inspirational stories on how technology can change their lives, Intel was able to draw in interest in a manner that a conventional, product-centric ad couldn’t.

Highlights for Marketers: Consider the broader and finer points of video advertising. Assess the macro impact of the brand to its industry or the world itself. And then, target someone’s micro act to provide a compelling and relatable story.



Campaign: Buzzfeed’s Puppyhood

Concept: The video is about a man and his newly adopted puppy. It aims to be more entertaining, while also being inspiring. And it hits the mark as the video is both hilarious and heartwarming. It tells the pains of having a puppy – chewing on shoes, being rowdy, keeping up their humans all night. But it transitions to the joys of having a dog as a best friend. It shows how man and dog spend their time together.

Although it’s quite apparent to Buzzfeed’s users that the video is a paid ad, the branding is so subtle; it’s not annoying at all.

Highlights for Marketers: Produce stories that show the brand in the context of a user’s average daily life without blatantly promoting the product or service. That way, the message is spread on all points. Also, the marketing needle is moved while still entertaining the viewers.

Videos can do wonders to improve content engagement and boost click-through rates. It takes time, effort, and ingenuity to create a video that speaks volumes and has the potential to go viral. By concentrating on what the target viewers need and want, marketers can produce video ads that can help them solve their problem.