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The best video production tools every marketer should use

2017 is all about video marketing, and video content is projected to stay on top of the advertising food chain for the next couple of years. As such, producing high-quality, relevant videos that represent the brand well must be a top priority.

To leverage video marketing the right way, a marketer needs to use the correct video format and production tools. With the number of competitors out there, it’s essential the videos stand out not just for their originality, but on their execution as well.

Here is a list of video production tools that will spell the difference between good and great videos:


Video Camera

The importance of using a high-quality camera to produce high-quality videos can’t be stressed enough. The great thing is that marketers have a lot of camera options in the market today, and their price range varies from cheap to steep. There are also a lot of choices that can easily be used by first-timers, amateurs or a small production crew.

The reigning kings of video production gadgets are digital SLR cameras. The top options for DSLRs are Nikon D3300, Canon Rebel T5, and Canon 7D Mark II. For a unique perspective, the GoPro HERO 3 is also highly recommended by videographers.

Now, if the company is just starting and there’s almost zero budget for video production tools, an excellent alternative to a DSLR is a phone camera. The advantages of using a smartphone for video marketing are plentiful. The marketer has his phone all the time. The quality of the video is great – especially the camera from newer models. And, the video can be edited straight from the smartphone.


Three Light Stands

When it comes to producing a first-rate video, lighting is everything. It can make the difference between creating a video that looks professionally-made and a video that is more like a home movie. The lighting also determines the mood of the video. It also affects the editing process. One way of ensuring the lighting in the video doesn’t disappoint the viewers from the outset is to invest in three light stands used for the three-point lighting system.

These light stands consist of the key light, the fill light, and the backlight.

The key light is the primary illuminator of the subject. The fill light is placed opposite the key light to create shadows. The backlight is used to distinguish and isolate the subject from the background.

There are various light stands available today, and most are categorized by features and price range. Make sure to purchase the light stands that are easy to transport, set up and take down.



Another essential piece of equipment for video production is a tripod. It’s the tool that can instantly give the video an overall professional vibe. Much like video cameras, there are tons of tripods available today. Choose the one that has portable and sturdy legs. When it comes to its head, go for a tripod that enables the shooter to make smooth pan shots.


Regardless of the camera used to produce the video, there’s still a need for an external microphone. The audio in the video is as important as the visuals on it. To produce superior sounds, the company needs to invest in a good microphone.

One of the most recommended by the experts is the shotgun microphone. This is an external microphone that sits atop the camera. The shotgun microphones from Rode, in particular, are the favorites of many professional videographers.


Video Editing Software

Editing raw footages and piecing the shots together take time and skills. One way of making the process faster and better is to use a top-notch editing software. The Final Cut Pro and Adobe’s Premiere Elements are two of the best editing video production tools. Both programs are user-friendly and packed with features that can make even a dull video interesting once edited.

Used together, these video production tools can elevate the quality of any video marketing campaign.