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The power of youtube marketing

Video is no longer the future of online advertising. It is already the king of web marketing at the moment. For businesses of all sizes, YouTube marketing is an indispensable medium. YouTube tops the roster of online video platforms. It has also risen to be one of the most efficient channels for advertising. As such, creating well-thought YouTube content has become increasingly important.


How Powerful is YouTube Marketing?

Businesses must use YouTube for marketing because:

It has a broad, diverse reach that creates loads of traffic.

– YouTube has more than one billion users who invest millions of hours each day watching videos.
– YouTube is localized in more than 70 countries and comes in 76 languages.
– In the US, it has a bigger reach than cable.
– It’s big on mobile – over 50% of YouTube views are thru smartphones.


There is a bundle for all.

There are a variety of packages for businesses and organizations of all niches and sizes. Startups can work with the free service and eventually progress to paid bundles as their popularity and business grow.


The results are quantifiable and instant.

A quick visit to the brand’s YouTube channel can tell marketers how brand videos are performing. They can utilize analytics resources to measure the advertising impact of the videos.


It is a search engine.

When planning YouTube marketing campaigns, look at it as a search engine. In fact, it ranks second to Google in terms of search engine popularity. That is also why using proper SEO strategies on YouTube is imperative.


It is a social network.

The facts that YouTube is also an online social network is a huge advantage. This means that:

– A brand has access to a free video hosting site
– A brand can have a channel where viewers can like, share, comment, subscribe, and ‘favorite’ videos

All these services bring online users with similar concerns and interests to the brand’s YouTube channel.


It has interaction and functionality with other social media platforms.

Linking the brand’s YouTube channel to other social media accounts enables targeted traffic to interact with the other marketing content from different platforms. That saves considerable time generally meant for putting up separate marketing campaigns.


It serves centrality.

When end-users go to the brand’s YouTube channel, they’re able to access the video content and backlink to the company website or blog at the same time. They may also acquire any content from other influencers or companies that the brand follows.


What are the YouTube Features that Make it a Great Marketing Tool?

YouTube has tools and resources that marketers can use to draw in audiences, boost their viewing time, and encourage them to visit the company website or blog. Working with a number or all of the tools will boost a significant change to the company’s overall promotional strategy.

Here are four YouTube marketing tools every brand should utilize:

Fan Finder

Not all YouTube users will be curious about what the brand’s channel has to offer. By using the YouTube Fan Finder, the site enables the marketer to send in free channel advertisements directed at users who are likely to be interested in what the brand offers.

Channel ads must always be interesting but brief. More importantly, they need to have a clear call to action.

Audio Library

A video that lacks a soundtrack or background music is often rather bland. Music adds an entertaining touch to videos. It also evokes suitable emotions in viewers. The YouTube audio library is loaded with complimentary audio tracks that can be used to give videos an additional ‘wow’ factor.

Related Videos

For the brand’s video to show up as a related video, marketers have to keyword optimize titles and tags so it’ll rank better when a YouTube search is carried out. With proper tagging, the brand’s video will be queued to be viewed next.

YouTube Live Events

Standard live video streaming on YouTube is possible thanks to Google+ Hangouts. However, there is a more superior service called YouTube Live Events. This includes a lot more features for producing professional broadcasts. Businesses may only use Live Events if their account is verified.

YouTube marketing is no longer an option these days. Without it, a company’s marketing campaign will greatly suffer.