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Things to know about the new age of video marketing

Video marketing has transformed the way businesses of all sizes approach their digital marketing campaigns. Video production is now the top online source of information about a brand, product or service.

Want to learn more about a business? Watch the company’s culture video.

Need to learn how to bake an Irish soda bread? Look for a how-to video on a YouTube baking channel.

Curious about what celebrities are doing at the moment? Check out their Instagram stories.

With the popularity of social media networks, traditional video marketing has been revolutionized to a new age of video marketing. The shift in video production can also be associated with the move from desktop to mobile use.

More than ever, people can access virtually everything in the palm of their hand. Also, digital technology is a lot more affordable now than it was before. The combination of these two factors has produced limitless opportunities for companies to deliver new content to their target market.


The New Age of Video Marketing: Millennials as Consumers

For several years, video marketing was relatively stagnant and mediocre. Text- and image-based content ruled the online marketing world. But, thanks to the surge of the purchasing power of Millennials, the tide has finally changed.

Millennials, or anyone born between 1980 and 2000, has about 100 million members worldwide. They are the biggest generation ever to exist. They are currently in their prime spending era. As such, they have the most purchasing power, and their behavior as consumers is closely watched and analyzed.

So, how does the spending pattern of the Generation Y play in the new age of video marketing? As the first generation that mostly grew up alongside the digital world, Millennials are fluent in different mediums – television, mobile devices, social media, etc. Reaching this demographic means strategically presenting ads based on their fluency.

Brands need to present video content that can start a two-way conversation with them. Here’s how marketers can reach Millennials using the new age of video marketing:

Utilize targeted messaging

Online videos give brands the flexibility to create and deliver messages that specifically target segments of their viewers. Today, marketers can create videos that follow the spending habits and patterns of Millennials and other niche customers. They can address individual concerns too.

By using targeted messaging, the possibilities of content are endless. To create a specific message, the marketer should factor in the target audience’s location, interests, behaviors, demographics and more.

Optimize for mobile and social platforms

As per Nielsen, 85% of Millennials own at least one smartphone. Pew Research, on the other hand, found out that 90% of Millennials use social media on a regular basis. As such, the value of creating video content that is responsive to both mobile and social platforms can’t be stressed enough.

There are several ways to work on these platforms. A marketer can reach out to mobile users with short, well-curated videos that have easy-to-read subtitles. For social media, companies can create product demos, how-to videos, and testimonials that are shareable to different social media platforms.

Tell a personal story

Millennials are all about showing authenticity and embracing one’s true self. Because of this behavior, they also expect brands to come up with relevant ads that are personal. Telling a story through an ad is a powerful way to trigger specific emotions to the audience. And when feelings are involved, it becomes easy for the viewers to rationalize why they need to have the product or service.

Also, people relate to stories better than enumerated lists of the product’s features and benefits. Through an inspiring story, they see the connection between the brand and themselves. And when they do, instant rapport is built. And when there’s a rapport, there’s also a foundation of trust.

With their fluency in virtually all aspects of the digital world, Millennials have built the new age of video marketing. It is an approach that elaborates the details and targets the need of the audience at the same time.