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Tips to a succesful Snapchat video marketing campaign

Plenty of companies, organizations, and public figures have adopted the use of Snapchat for video marketing. They constantly stir up compelling content for their massive number of followers.

This image instant messaging app is unlike other social media platforms, however. With Snapchat’s unique vanishing content and “My Story,” brands wind up striving to produce and distribute good quality Snapchat posts at all times. And that can be a tough thing to process.

Below are three Snapchat video marketing campaigns that marketers can use as a guideline for their own advertising promotions.


Snapchat Special Offers

The goal here is to boost e-commerce sales. Snapchat-exclusive campaigns depend on the brand already having enough time to grow a Snapchat following. Obviously, the more followers the brand has, the more prospective buyers the marketers will be able to reach.

Among the usual Snapchat posts, marketers should incorporate periodic coupon discounts or promo codes. This strategy’s primary objective is to turn followers into leads, and then leads into actual buyers. It also operates another long-term goal – to promote Snapchat discounts on other social media sites to expand the brand’s target market.

The most natural approaches to execute this campaign are to:

– Upload an image or a video to the Snapchat story. Ideally, the visual is about the product that’s being promoted or anything related to it. The image or video should highlight the discount code and provide a backlink to the company website or e-commerce site.

– Urge the viewers to screenshot the special offer snap and pass it around. They can also post it on their other social media accounts.

– Offer the code in exchange for a snap from the brand’s followers. This can be an excellent way to acquire any user-generated content that can be used in future marketing campaigns. Example: Add a snap to the story and say, “Snap us how you use (name of the product) and get 15% off your next purchase on our site!”


Daily Snaps

The goal here is to boost business knowledge and improve product insights. Although this approach has less impact on the business’s net profit, it can achieve a whole lot in terms of marketing. This is particularly true if the company is new or the product is unique.

Daily Snaps are essential for many reasons. They solidify awareness of the business in the followers’ minds. They also raise the value shown on Snapchat as brand followers are often interested in more than a set of meticulously-taken product shots.

Some ideas for day-to-day Snapchat content are BTS images, clips featuring the business culture, or snaps featuring how followers use the product in different ways. Also, marketers can make the most out of Snapchat’s drawing tools along with its filters to create artistic and appealing snaps. Uploading regularly will help followers be more at home with the brand. This improves the probability that they’ll turn into leads and become loyal customers in the future.



The goal here is to advertise events relevant to the business. Geofilters enable companies or individuals to set up a Snapchat filter open to all users within a specific location for a particular amount of time.

If the company is holding an event, then urging guests/clients to use the brand’s Geofilter in their snaps will spread awareness to a broader market. Their tags may reach individuals who are actively searching for what the brand offers.

Marketers should post on social media before the event to spread the word that the brand will use a Geofilter. Without being prompted or directed, guests may not actually check out if the brand has a unique filter.

When a company opens a physical store, Geofilters is an excellent way to spread the word about the new place. Keep the Geofilter open during store hours for the first few days. Encourage visitors to share their experience using the Geofilter in exchange for a discount coupon or promo code. This is a more natural approach to expand the business through Snapchat, as it brings people to connect with each other directly.

Planning a Snapchat video marketing campaign takes time and resources. Experimentation is the key to see which element works and which needs further improvement.