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Tips to maximize Vimeo marketing results

Online video hosts and platforms are in heavy competition right now. YouTube and Facebook are head-to-head to become the “king of social video” while other channels like Vimeo, LinkedIn and Twitter continue to produce new services that incorporate sophisticated marketing automation techniques.

Vimeo, in particular, is continually improving its marketing services. A lot of content managers and online marketers have been supporters of the tools available for Vimeo marketing, and for good reasons. Vimeo produces practical improvements to its service and provides various stimulating options for video marketers. It is years ahead of other video hosting sites in several ways, especially when it comes to video customization, clickable CTA, and unrivaled video quality.

Many regard Vimeo as an artist’s platform and the hub for high-quality videos and films. The good news is that it has progressively pivoted and now offers useful tools for businesses. Below are ways marketers can maximize Vimeo marketing results, thanks to its business account.


Clickable Calls-to-Action and Email Options

Vimeo enables Pro account clients to incorporate clickable calls to action with their videos. Before, marketers were only allowed to put a link towards the end of a video that can take the audience to a specific webpage.

Also, one of the major benefits of using Vimeo Business is that marketers can accrue email addresses in the embedded player. Once the video is over, the audience will be presented with a message where they’re prompted to provide their email addresses.

The tool enables marketers to download the information to check and identify qualified leads. They can integrate the details with programs like Mail Chimp or simply download a CSV file of all recorded emails. This is a valuable tool when generating targeted email marketing campaigns.

Marketers will have insights on which videos viewers watched, and when they chose to give their information. They can then deliver further details or complementary videos to those people.


Access to a Professional Crew

Vimeo marketing isn’t just about hosting brand videos. Another benefit to using the Vimeo is the access to a specialized community of skilled creators who produce high-end video content. Marketers can complete a short form and Vimeo will hook them up with production companies that suit their needs. This is a fantastic way for brands to impress their viewers with stunning visuals and outstanding storytelling.


Hassle-Free Collaboration

Piggybacking off the possibility of hiring help for producing high-quality videos, Vimeo makes it simple for up to ten team members of a team to access one account. This condenses to easy collaboration for big companies or when working with third-party vendors.

By using video review resources, content can be distributed and analyzed by team members minus the risk of going live with the project. This is a useful element during the review process and allows for quick feedback and adjustments. This can also aid different departments that manage various parts of the brand’s Vimeo channel.


Customization and Unlimited Options

In particular, player customization and unlimited bandwidth. Among the most popular Vimeo features is the option to personalize the video player. Marketers can customize the player to fit the company branding like colors, logos, and even outside player support. These attributes can help make the video content cohesive with the rest of the brand’s marketing strategy and image.

One particular bonus of using Vimeo Business is the lack of weekly limits on the volume of videos that can be uploaded. Users have a 5TB total for storage, which is enough even for the big players. The advantage of this is that the bandwidth remains unlimited for all the video content that runs on Vimeo. As a result, marketers don’t have to be concerned about video overages and clips not playing once they’ve hit a particular data limit.

Vimeo has often been overlooked or disregarded by marketers before. But, with over 280 million users watching and sharing Vimeo videos, and all the efficient services it provides, it’s a serious miscalculation to dismiss Vimeo marketing.