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Twitter video marketing

There is a great deal of talk about social media marketing as of late. But, often, Twitter is overshadowed in the conversation. That’s unfortunate, given that the platform has been doing a lot to generate new opportunities for content managers and online marketers. And so, if Twitter video marketing is keeping pace with social advertising trends, then these managers and marketers should, too.

The use of videos in advertising a brand provide a more full-bodied experience as compared to plain text or image. Also, videos give Twitter followers a chance to learn more about a brand faster and on a more accessible way than other social platforms.

The simple truth is, Twitter users like watching videos.


Why Twitter Video Marketing Works

Twitter video ads draw out an impressive reaction from end-users. The nature of this social media platform generates favorable results. The high engagement rates from video content prove that Twitter users resonate with what they see, soak in information at speed, and can process the details proficiently.

Brand videos on Twitter can be exceptionally communicative. A lined-up neuro-state between ads and surrounding content means that consumers are reactive to the brands they see on their timeline. Also, videos are results-oriented. Based on studies, Twitter’s autoplay viewing produce marginally greater memory responses compared to clips watched on full-screen. This viewing experience has an excellent impact for companies who also want to solidify their brand image.


What Type of Videos Marketers Should Upload on Twitter

Remember that Twitter followers are on this platform with a “discovery” perspective.

• Real-Time Video Content and Interaction

The microblogging site is a lot more focused on what’s happening in real time. Marketers need to take advantage of that by sharing videos centered on what is in demand and trending at the moment. Marketers can post the company’s opinion on news and trends relevant to their industry. They can ask followers to participate in the conversation to determine how they are affected by the subject.

Another effective Twitter marketing strategy is to respond to someone’s post with a video. Carrying this out gives the brand an excellent opportunity to interact with its followers on a more personal level.

• User Response and Mindset

Reception of end-users on Twitter video marketing is most powerful at the outset of a session. The very first clip present in their timeline yields an average of 22% boost on all metrics compared to the subsequent videos on their feed. This props up the effectivity of the “First View” feature, which gives the first video the peak Twitter position for 24 hours.

The viewers’ mindset and response to marketing ads vary depending on the time they see the video. Early in the day, Twitter can bring about a sense of personal importance and a detail-oriented memory response. Later in the day, Twitter can elicit a much more emotional or “look into the bigger picture” form of memory reception. Therefore, there’s an excellent opportunity for marketers to line up content based on these separate responses. For instance, marketers should post how-to videos in the morning, and mood videos in the afternoon.

• Video Live Streams

Although Facebook is currently the king of live video streaming, it doesn’t mean other social platforms like Twitter aren’t playing hardball as well. On May 2017, Twitter launched its Live Streaming feature that is made up of 16 live stream content plans on various topics like news, sports, and entertainment.

People like spending time on Twitter to check out and talk about the hottest news and happenings locally and around the globe. This is a great opportunity for brands to optimize Twitter’s live video streaming feature where they can exhibit their expertise. Marketers can also present insights on business trends their followers want to know about.

Marketers should not take Twitter for granted. They must test and try out ad videos to determine what works and what doesn’t for the company. They should also keep an eye out on their Twitter stats to obtain the full scope of their marketing efforts.