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Video advertising on walled gardens

The way consumers discover, watch, and share online videos have changed in recent years. The heightened shift in video marketing has a lot to do with walled garden platforms. These particular advertising ecosystems include YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

These social giants continue to present new ad formats and targeting options. Social video channels evolve regularly, bringing out new features, advertising solutions, and promotion techniques. As such, marketers need to track these walled gardens to ensure their campaigns stay relevant.


Here are the latest news on some of these platforms:


What’s New: Redesigned User Experience

Not too long ago, YouTube posted a sneak peek of its brand-new user experience. Soon, the video hosting platform will carry out the Material Design structure. This will streamline desktop UX and unify the appearance of YouTube on all devices.

YouTube also reported that the new design enables the system to release features fast. This helps the platform to remain competitive in the expanding social video ecosystem.


What’s New: F8 Announcements

During the F8 developer convention, Facebook introduced various advancements to its video services. New video functions like integrating viewing into the mobile feed aim to engage viewers longer. Also, Facebook’s new reality filters stand for its growing rivalry with Snapchat. The social network giant also teased about new concepts for the site’s long-term projects. These include making virtual reality more social-friendly. Delivering internet access to non-urban places was also discussed.


What’s New: Mind-Blowing Growth

Instagram keeps growing, and faster than ever. As of April, the image-centric app has reached 700 million global users. As the app’s user base continues to grow, the marketers’ target audience likewise grows. Now, they have a bigger pool of viewers to reach and engage in. The app makes this element easy using targeted video posts and Instagram Stories. In fact, over 200 million people now use Instagram Stories. It has surpassed the 161-million user base of Snapchat.


What’s New: In-Stream Ads and Live Stream Video

Twitter is about to release a few video features: in-stream, pre-roll, and mid-roll video advertisements. Marketers can target in-stream ads next to content from Twitter’s Amplify program. The microblogging platform is also fiddling with 24/7 live video coverage. It plans to work with various media firms like Bloomberg, Buzzfeed and Live Nation. This new ad function is especially great for engaging viewers during live events. By optimizing live streams, Twitter gives marketers opportunities to reach real viewers, real-time.

These walled gardens platforms give chances for viewer engagement and market targeting. They provide many exceptional advertisement layouts for marketers to take advantage of.

Pixability for Video Advertising on Walled Gardens
Pixability provides alternative marketing solutions to brand marketers and media agencies. The company helps maximize video marketing campaigns on walled gardens platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Spotify. Pixability offers comprehensive plans to help marketers make the most of their campaigns. They breach the walls of social advertising ecosystem with different ‘abilities’ like:

• DiscoverAbility

Pixability discovers what a brand needs explicitly. Its system runs over six million YouTube channels. It scours vast sums of videos on various channels and devices. It evaluates influencers channels based on the brand’s campaign goals. Pixability uses special tools unlock tactical information like market preferences and behavior. It can even make a quick assessment of the content approach to the brand’s competition.

• PlanAbility

The team helps build relationships between the marketers and the viewers. They make plans based on how premium video platforms find their highly-receptive users. PlanAbility Premium, in particular, offers marketers pre-bundled and easy-to-customize audience segments. The data is curated by the firm’s predictive models using rich-performance marketing tools.

• BuyAbility

Pixability handles the difficulties of media account activation on the various video platforms. Its system utilizes perceptive interface and preset workflows. As such, even the most advanced media strategy and aggressive testing won’t work against the brand’s campaign goals.

Pixability offers advertising walled garden solutions for both brands and agencies.