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Video types for every phase of a customer journey

Way before consumers decide to purchase something, they look for different solutions that may help them solve their problem. When presented with various products that promise to help them fix their issue, they still need to deliberate which solution is best for their situation.

So, how can a company produce great content to improve each phase of the customer journey? The answer: video marketing.

A video is a perfect tool to explain the most abstract concepts and the most complex ideas. Videos are great for brand recognition and audience retention because humans are visual creatures. Furthermore, videos are easy to share online. They also go viral fast.

Every stage of the brand’s sale funnel requires a different type of marketing video. This is because not all consumers are the same.


Top Funnel: Educational Videos

Often, people realize quickly when they have a problem to solve. And while buying a product to fix the problem isn’t always their first choice, they almost always end up with this solution. What bogs them down is the variety of options presented to them. These consumers are included in the top part of a sales funnel.

Educational videos are the ideal type of content to reach out to consumers in this part of the funnel. These videos are focused on providing useful features and valuable information to help the viewers understand how their problem can be fixed.

Education videos also help the brand to attract new viewers and leads by showing them how they can benefit from their product or service. They highlight how the company can be a valuable resource that is open and has interest in educating its audience.


Middle Funnel: Explainer Videos

When consumers are already aware of the possible solutions to their problem, they can now consider all their options. In this phase of the customer journey, the brand must be crystal clear on what it offers to the market. It must also showcase the product or service in an engaging manner. The goal is to make the potential buyers understand how the product or service can fix their problem. Another objective is to make them trust the brand.

Explainer videos are the perfect format for people in the middle part of the stage funnel. These videos pitch about the brand and the product all the time. They literally explain how the item or service can solve the problem. They are different because explainer videos are backed-up by compelling stories, and in some cases, impressive animation.

To drive the point deeper, make sure to include a call-to-action based on the objective of the content at the end of each explainer video.


Bottom Funnel: Product Demos, Testimonial Videos

At this phase, consumers know about their problem and have sorted out a solution to fix it. They have learned enough about the brand and researched about the product. While this is all good, it’s also a high possibility that they’ve done the same thing with the other brands.
Now is the stage where the company needs to nudge consumers to decide – and that decision is to choose their brand. This is the time to present product demos and testimonial videos.
A product demo video is the best content for the final stage of the sales funnel. The video narrates in detail how the product or service is THE solution for the consumer’s problem. In this phase of the customer journey, consumers are willing to invest more time to analyze the features, benefits, and drawbacks of using the product. Product demos can run up to ten minutes (or more) because each detail is talked about.
On the other hand, testimonial videos are ideal for the “action stage.” Recommendations, kudos, and referrals from outside sources (ex. current customers) solidify brand trust.

It’s imperative to choose the right type of video for every phase of the customer journey. This way, the brand can reach out to the right people and address their concerns the right way.