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Why using online videos for business is a game changer

In the past decade, the digital landscape has significantly changed. As such, content marketing has evolved as well. Nowadays, content only makes a difference if it successfully presents what the consumers need, and when and how they want it. Fortunately for businesses, there are certain ways to keep up with the constantly changing landscape of digital marketing. One of the most prominent today is through online videos.

In today’s cutthroat world of business promotions, video marketing is a game changer. It provides the value, flexibility and importance consumers need from a brand. It delivers all of these while catering to the always-on-the-go lifestyle of buyers.


Online Videos by the Numbers

Experts hail video marketing as a game changer for good, valid reasons. As per the study made by HubSpot:

  • By 2019, videos are anticipated to claim over 80% of the entire web traffic.
  • Email marketing with videos can boost up to 200 to 300% click-through rates.
  • Videos on landing pages can increase conversion rates by up to 80%.
  • Based on YouTube statistics, mobile video consumption increases by 100% annually.
  • 87% of online marketers currently use video content as part of their marketing strategy.
  • A third of the total number of online users go online just to watch videos. Over 50% of business decision makers opt to watch videos rather than read articles or blog posts about a product or service.

How Video Marketing Changes the Game

Online videos for marketing stand out as one of the most relevant and in-demand strategies to promote a brand, product or service. Video marketing changes the game because:

• It improves brand recall.
Humans are visual creatures. A study showed that over 80% of consumers can still remember a video they watched a month before. The primary advantage of online videos is that they deliver both visually and auditory. This means it’s easy for consumers to remember a video content than a text-based material.

When consumers remember the brand’s video content, they also remember its product or service. This translates to potential leads and possible sales. Best of all, users often share videos that connect with them, which can exponentially increase the brand’s online presence.

• It can boost the website’s SEO.
Based on a recent study, 65% of the decision makers of companies look into a brand’s website after watching a branded video. Also, 39% of the decision makers contact a vendor after watching a relevant video content. The quality and relevancy of the video can significantly improve a website’s SEO by driving visitors to the brand’s home page. Furthermore, online videos can also boost the site’s conversion rates.

By posting informative and entertaining video content on the company website and blog, the site’s SEO value improves as well. Videos also enhance the click-through rates across the board.

• It works well on all devices.
Today’s digital world is all about responsive design. When the brand’s marketing content doesn’t do well in a browser or a device, the company loses significant traffic and experience fewer conversions. The great thing about video content is it typically performs well on all devices – from desktops to mobile phones. This expands the video’s reach and makes the brand’s marketing campaign more consumer-friendly.

• It strengthens the brand message.
Online videos help in enhancing and driving the company’s mission and vision. Video marketing reinforces the brand’s identity through visual and vocal design. It also presents more opportunities to show the company in different ways, so customers know who the brand is.

• It’s easy to go viral.
It’s projected that 92% of online users who watch mobile videos share and repost them on their social media accounts. This is a significant number and is the highest in terms of sharing viral content. According to Social Measured, online videos are shared 1,200% more than text-based content and links combined. Because of this, video marketing is a powerful tool that all brands must utilize to expand their online reach. By making relevant, informative and accessible videos, a brand can grow a substantial following online and promote brand recall.

Based on its viral nature, using online videos for marketing has become a game-changer in terms of building and expanding several marketing campaigns.