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Youtube marketing tips, tricks and strategies

When it comes to brand marketing on YouTube, there’s one golden nugget every marketer should fully understand and optimize: volume wins.

Ask any successful vlogger or a top brand on YouTube, and they’ll say that their viewership increased the moment their volume increased as well. That being said, there is a tipping point. Marketers can’t publish content just to hit the quota and expect the videos to perform well.

An ideal intersection is good-quality content posted on a regular basis. It’s the latter part that most marketers fail to follow. The reason why most struggle with developing a video posting schedule is because consistency requires hard work.

Every successful content manager and online marketer knows that when good-quality content is published regularly, it creates a cadence with the viewers. The target market knows when to expect new material from the brand, and starts to make a habit of checking its YouTube channel to see if new content has been posted.

It’s this rhythm that every marketer should aim for. The more times the viewers come back to the brand’s YouTube channel, the better for the marketing campaign.

That said, increased volume is just one YouTube marketing strategy. Here are a few more tips and tricks to ensure effective brand marketing in this video hosting giant.


Take the Time to Do Proper Research

One underrated YouTube marketing strategy is having a solid grasp of the environment. Before publishing video content on the brand’s channel, the marketer must spend some time to check around and see who the active players are in the industry.

Researching about the competition is a time-honored marketing strategy, and an efficient one. Marketers can learn a lot about the ins and outs of their niche from the way the other companies handle their campaigns. Just by doing in-depth research, they can implement what strategies work and what areas need improvement.


Create a List of Content Categories

One of the excellent strategies for YouTube video marketing is to divide and conquer. With YouTube, it boils down to choosing critical avenues where the brand can indeed deliver. The marketer can concentrate on setting up the brand as a niche leader. He can also provide entertainment while promoting the company’s products or services. From there, he can mass produce video content that falls into the main categories.

For instance, the company sells Asian noodles. The goal of the campaign is to market Asian noodles beyond Asian countries. Perhaps, one category could be about learning things about noodles, something like an eLearning or an explainer video. The marketer can educate the target market about what sets Asian noodles apart from other variants from different parts of the world. Another category could be a product review. The marketer can use testimonials from current consumers on why they enjoy eating the noodles. From the review or testimonial videos, the marketer can direct viewers to where they can order the product. In this campaign, the marketer uses types of videos that prominently introduces the product to the target audience.

When marketers learn to categorize content and choose the right platform for it, it’ll be much easier for them to put together materials that would seamlessly blend in with the campaign’s “big picture.”


Establish a Rhythm of Content

If the brand isn’t consistent in posting videos, then building a loyal audience can be a tough thing to crack open.

As pointed out above, consistency demands hard work, particularly when posting premium video content. Video marketing is an investment, a more expensive one compared to images or text-based content.

With YouTube, especially if it’s to be treated as a marketing channel, it must be all or nothing. The brand can either go for it – execute the campaign well – or forget about it. There are hardly any successful instances of YouTube marketers who just stayed in the middle area.

The best way forward to establish a rhythm of content is to set up the tone right from the start and let the audience know what they can expect. Make the intro video an overview of what kind of content the brand will be posting, and how often. Then, whatever rhythm is established, make it a point to carry things out.

Use one or all of the YouTube marketing strategies above to ensure a successful video campaign.