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13 Practices in making Youtube videos

Marketing through YouTube gives businesses and organizations the chance to reach an expansive audience. There are 300 hours of YouTube videos published every minute on every subject imaginable. The catch is that the brand’s competitors are also utilizing YouTube for their own marketing campaigns. To have success in using YouTube videos for marketing, the content of each video needs to stand out. Here are best practices in making high-quality YouTube videos for marketing:

Create a Content Strategy

1. Find the brand’s niche.

Considering the distribution model of the internet, niche players fair better in this digital environment. Even top brands like Nike and Johnson’s & Johnson’s collaborate with local companies to get through niche viewers as part of their YouTube marketing endeavors.

2. Create multiple channels. Many successful business YouTube accounts have more than one channel. This is particularly efficient if the company offers a variety of products and services. Each channel addresses different topics.

3. Maximize the advantages of YouTube Analytics.

things that can be measured can also be enhanced. YouTube features a complete package of tools to aid marketers in analyzing and measuring their traffic. Utilize YouTube Analytics to acquire insight on:

• How good (or bad) the channel is performing
• Who watches the videos and how do they discover them
• What the viewer’s engagement level is
• How much revenue the company gets from the YouTube videos

Proper Branding

4. Stay consistent. Keep the branding consistent and uniform across different social media sites.

The brand is the face of the company. Often, the finer points of branding have a psychological effect on the viewers. The way the marketer handles the campaign will set the tone for the manner the audience responds to the channel. Aligning the strategies and maintaining a consistent flow help marketers tailor the brand image.

5. Personalize the channel layout.

Tailoring the channel layout presents a variety of benefits, like being able to incorporate links to social media sites similar to the channel through the use of the art section.

6. Pick a powerful trailer.

A fantastic channel trailer helps pique the attention of targeted traffic to the brand’s page. It also lets viewers know exactly what content they should expect from the channel.

7. Incorporate Cards on YouTube videos.

Cards are notices that show up on the screen. There are different card types for various purposes. They all work great as perks to get the audience to click the channel.


8. Make full use of the YouTube Video Editor tool.

The search engine features a built-in video editor tool. The editor can help in improving the quality of the videos before they’re uploaded on the channel. It can add audio, creates mash-ups, add subtitles and more.

9. Optimize for mobile use.

In the past couple of years, digital media has increased by as much as 50%, with about 90% of that improvement scaling from mobile application usage. As such, it’s imperative that marketers also make sure that the YouTube videos are responsive on mobile.

10. Create powerful video titles.

Formulate titles that can help users find the brand videos directly from the YouTube search bar. To optimize YouTube video titles, make sure to:

– Access Google Trends to determine the strong keywords applicable to the content
– Produce titles that are short and concise
– Pick a thumbnail that can help in telling a great story

In line with the titles, marketers should also create smart and compelling descriptions.

Audience Engagement

11. Produce a story-driven narrative.

Since YouTube is social media platform, marketers should make the most of this fact to cultivate better audience interactions. Sharing a personal story can help the viewers relate and understand the brand better.

12. Focus on the brand demographic.

Marketers refer to this as “listening to the audience.” The audience is the brand’s greatest asset. Very often, they provide assistance, knowledge, and motivation. Whether the marketer uses analytics or asks the viewers directly, better marketing strategies can be designed through their honest feedback.

13. Distribute the content.

These days, it’s incredibly easy to syndicate video content in multitudes. Post the videos or their links on Facebook and Twitter. Embed them on WordPress-powered sites and blogs.

The best practices for marketing YouTube videos help marketers interact with the target market and establish a community around the content.