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5 Instagram video strategies for brands

There’s no doubt about it. The moment Instagram extended their usual 15-second videos into full-minute videos, brands from all over immediately recognized the huge impact this could have on their campaigns.

As of September of this year, Instagram has garnered 800 million monthly users. 500 million of these users are active daily users. That’s how huge the possibilities are for brands that are able to master how to use the platform for their campaigns.

Now, the platform may have started out mainly as a photo-centric platform. But with their extended limits on video content, it looks like this is the way to go if you want to introduce your brand as more cutting edge, more innovative, and more engaging.

So what video marketing strategies can you apply when using Instagram for your brand?

Create video portfolios

Posting a photo of a recently-completed project would be a great way to promote your brand. But putting together an entire video portfolio takes that a few notches higher.

Be creative with it! After all, this is your brand we’re talking about. For sure, you wouldn’t want your brand to be seen as boring and unoriginal. If you own a printing business, you can create short clips on how a certain design was conceptualized and printed. If you own a restaurant, create 60-second videos showing how your signature dish is created.

Create FAQ videos.

For sure, you’ve seen a few questions that keep popping up about your products and services. You can take advantage of Instagram videos by answering a question or two on each post. This saves you from answering the same question over and over again.

You can even link all these videos together on an FAQ section on your website. This means that your webpage visitors get to visit your Instagram page the moment they come searching for answers to these FAQs.

Promote events and special offers

What better way to promote an upcoming event or a special offer than by creating a 60-second video ad about it? Posters and infographics are good. But remember that most social media users are people on the go, people who don’t really have a lot of time to read or retain information from a static image.

This is why presenting information through a video is way better. Did you know that people retain information better when it is conveyed via video? It’s probably because of the fact that it is not just visual – it is a format that uses the auditory sense as well.

Share your workplace culture

Your brand isn’t just about the products and services you sell. It’s also about the people working in the background and the principles that drive you to do what you do.

You can post a time lapse on what goes on inside the office the moment the day starts all the way until it ends. You can also capture wacky and light moments, like when someone’s celebrating their birthday or when the team is rejoicing over a target exceeded. This puts a more human face into the brand. It shows that you go way beyond your logo and name.

Create product demos

Product demos are a classic, but their appeal never goes out of style. The only difference between then and now is the fact that you now have a more cost-effective platform to use.

Remember that you have a 60-second limit, so be creative with it. You can, again, use time lapse if using regular pacing is too slow and will push you to go beyond the time restriction. You can be as creative with it as you want.

Once these strategies are in place, closely monitor your results. Remember that the right approach would also depend on what kind of audience you cater to. Do thorough research on who you’re planning to reach with each video. This will make your entire strategy more foolproof.