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4 Ways to improve ROI with video content

Here’s the thing: in theory and in practice, videos are great. They entertain. They engage. They make brands look good. And if done correctly, they help boost business ROI.

More and more businesses and organizations spend resources for a top-quality marketing campaign. But a lot still have concerns about how they can improve ROI with video content.

Here are some tips on how marketers can leverage video to achieve their business ROI.

Don’t fret about going viral.

A lot of marketers miscalculate in thinking that the best – or only – way to ensure success with video marketing is to go viral. This is a nearly impossible goal to succeed in, and one that just a few content creators and online marketers ever manage. The thing is, even if the video didn’t go viral, it doesn’t mean it’s not bringing significant improvement to the company’s ROI. On the contrary, video content now yields thrice as many monthly visitors to a site as text-only posts.

Instead of creating something that draws in many people, brainstorm about video content that attracts a particular niche – usually the brand’s target market. Producing highly-concentrated message founded on the viewer’s image and interests will be more invaluable for generating sales than trying to catch the attention of everyone.

Use no-hassle tools and simple resources for video marketing.

It’s true that hiring professionals to create videos for brand marketing has several advantages, but this isn’t mandatory. There are tons of budget-friendly (or even free) tools that make it surprisingly easy to create and edit videos without professional help. These resources are a big help for startups and small businesses with almost zero marketing budget. How-to videos that show how to create compelling marketing videos on a budget are also all over the net. Marketers need to take time to learn from these videos if the company has no room yet for hiring the pros.

When there’s hardly any money spent on marketing, the funds can be used for other essential facets of the business. When the company is thriving or has grown, and a budget for professionals can be set aside, then consider asking the help of the experts.

Position the videos to attract qualified leads.

Video distribution plays a huge part in determining the success of any marketing campaign. As such, marketers need to choose the right sites and channels to post the videos. They must also ensure to use the specific content that fits each social media platform. In addition, they should always remember that the point of the video is to draw in qualified leads.

For instance, instead of banking on YouTube as the only host of the video, set up a dedicated landing page for it as 60% of visitors will watch the video first before browsing through the text on the page. When visitors click on the link on social media, they will be directed to the landing page and prompted to interact further using social CTAs and promotions on the site.

Take note of what works best.

The secret to genuinely producing the most ROI for the video marketing campaign is by being attentive to the key performance indicators (KPIs) of the videos. Marketers can even take this further by also taking note of what works for the competition. To determine precisely how much the different videos are helping from the back end, monitor important video metrics such as:
• View count
• Play rate
• Social engagement rate
• Conversion rate

If the videos are on YouTube, marketers can use the host’s handy analytics on top of monitoring site behavior using Google Analytics.

Paying attention enables marketers to learn which styles of videos resonate most with the target market so they can enhance the content and focus on viewer preferences.

In today’s online marketing landscape, carrying out a video marketing campaign is almost a necessity for businesses of all kinds and sizes. Following the strategies above, brands can improve their ROI with video content.