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5 Tricks to do facebook video marketing the right way

If you haven’t discovered the wonders of Facebook video marketing yet, then you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past few years. We’re talking not just about millions of users here – but billions. That’s how huge the potential is, especially when it comes to video content.

There are no reasons for anyone to doubt how powerful video content truly is. However, if you’re already pushing your entire team to boost your Facebook video marketing campaigns but are still not getting the results you want, there’s a huge chance you’re doing something wrong. As with anything else, there’s a proper way of doing things to ensure the best results.

Here are tips and tricks you should apply to your Facebook video marketing strategies to maximize the results you get:

1. Keep it short.

You probably have a lot to say. But saying it all in one go to the extent that your video reaches how many minutes is definitely overdoing it. If there’s one thing you should never forget, it’s that this mobile generation are always on the go. They have so much to do and so little time. A 1-minute video will trump a 15-minute video anytime.

Now, if there is no possible way to discuss everything you want to share in one to five minutes, then make sure you make the video as engaging as possible. The moment you insert a boring sequence into it, you’ll find your audiences disappearing fast.

2. Make the first 5 seconds count.

Your first 2 to 5 seconds should not be good or great. It has to be astounding. Ground-breaking. Earth-shattering. Without that maximum impact, people will easily move on to the next piece of content on their news feed.

How do you create that kind of impact? Ask a controversial question straightaway. Or drop a fun fact that will make them stop and think. Starting a video with “I’m here to talk about our amazing new product for your home” won’t cut it. Start them off with “Is your house a mess?” and you’ll probably have more heads turning.

3. Use the right thumbnail.

If your autoplay feature is not active, then what you’ll immediately see is a frame from the video that you’re about to watch. That’s called a thumbnail.

Now, imagine seeing the main character with mouth wide open at a disgusting angle. That’s completely unappealing, right? That’s how important your chosen thumbnail is. It’s a good thing Facebook allows you to choose which specific frame to use when uploading the video. That allows you to find the best possible image that will make your audiences click play.

4. Have a strategic publishing schedule.

You already have an awesome video. You went all out with its production. It’s a shame no one’s awake to watch it.

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to Facebook videos. This is even more important if you have audiences across different time zones. You have to know your audience well. It’s not just about what time they wake up or go to sleep. It’s also about knowing how often they check their Facebook in a day. What time they take their lunch break. How long their commute from work to home is. You have to look at every possible opportunity for your video to pop up right on top of their feed the moment they open their Facebook page.

5. Include a call to action.

You publish videos not just for the sake of publishing videos. You do it because you’re probably promoting a new product, or are looking for more likes on your Facebook page.

Now, once your viewers start watching, you have to make sure that they help you reach those goals the moment they’re done. Adding call to actions like “Like our official Facebook page” or “Share this video to someone who can relate to this” will help you remind the audience that they also have to do their part.

Apply these tips to your Facebook video marketing now. You’ll be surprised what a huge impact these 5 simple things can have.