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How to increase your Instagram video views

You know for a fact that Instagram videos work. You went all out in creating engaging videos. So why aren’t you getting the number of views you want?

If you’ve already put in some work into creating amazing video content, you’re going to have to put in more work into gaining views for these videos. The good news is, all the hard work will be worth it. Once your Instagram videos become viral, you’ll wonder why this technology didn’t exist sooner.

Here’s what you have to do to increase your Instagram video views:


Use relevant hashtags

If anyone tells you that hashtags don’t matter, then they obviously have no idea how Instagram, and social media in general, works. Hashtags serve as filters. With the right hashtags, your target audience will stumble upon your content the moment they search for a relevant keyword.

How do you figure out what kind of hashtags to use?

Find out what the most trending hashtags are and use the ones most relevant to your video content. Check out your competitors’ social media accounts as well and see what hashtags they’re using at the moment.


Run video ads

One great thing about most social media platforms is the fact that they’ll do anything to support brands and businesses. Instagram is no different.

Instagram makes it easy enough for your video ads to reach not just any audience, but the right kind of audience. Just figure out the specific demographic that you want to reach, and Instagram will deliver your ads straight to those people’s feeds.


Don’t focus too much on the sound element

Remember that the sound does not automatically play on Instagram. The user would have to tap on the screen before the audio plays. This is why it’s useless to rely completely on the sound element. You have to figure out how to make an impact using visuals alone.

All it takes is less than 5 seconds. After that, the user will decide whether to continue watching your video (with or without sound), or continue scrolling down. Use eye-catching and captivating visual elements. Once you have all these, maybe, just maybe, your target audience would decide to tap the screen for sound.


Know the best times to post

What good is an awesome video if there’s nobody there to watch it?

One thing you have to remember about Instagram is that it is constantly moving. People from all over post stuff every minute of every day. It’s THAT easy for a single post to be buries underneath everything else.

So just imagine what happens when you post your video when your target audience is sleeping, or when they’re busy working. It’s going to get buried deep underneath other posts, and by the time your audience is ready, your content is nowhere to be found.


Make your videos shareable

Put yourself in the shoes of each of your viewers. Do you see your video as something that you would share?

No matter how informative your videos are, if they aren’t engaging or entertaining enough, people may end up watching them, but not sharing them. This means that you kill your entry point into a potential new network you could have tapped into, if only you took your video up a notch.

Basically, you can’t just stop with the question, “Will people watch it?” You have to go all the way and ask, “Will people watch and share it so that more people can watch it too?”

When it comes to Instagram video marketing, you can’t just think about what message you want to convey. You have to think about what your audiences want to hear and how they want to hear it.

Make the most out of the fact that Instagram is giving marketers every possible opportunity to reach the audiences they want to connect with. Know the ins and outs of the platform and know the people using it, and you can start making videos that nobody will be able to resist watching.