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How to make the target market notice the videos

There are literally millions of videos online. No matter how specific the niche is, a brand has competition. As such, it’s imperative to create a video marketing campaign like no other. And that’s already a tall order. Creating compelling marketing videos take considerable time, skills, and resources. If the brand can produce top-quality videos, the next big hurdle is promotion.

Regardless of how great a marketer is in promoting blog content, there’s no guarantee that he’ll be successful in video marketing. Promoting videos is a whole new beast. But for it to thrive, brands need to make the target market notice the videos.

Here’s how.


Run a Video Campaign on Social Media

What better method to drive consumers to the video than presenting something at no cost? The best starting point to do this is on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and so on. These are the channels where people tend to share videos. These are the platforms where videos with giveaways and freebies are easily posted and reposted.

Running a video campaign on social media boosts the chance of the brand to direct leads to landing pages. And ultimately, drive more people to watch the video and buy whatever the brand offers.


Add Share Buttons to The Video Player

Practically anyone who goes online has at least one social media account. For most online users, their day starts and ends with social media. This is a reality that is helpful to marketers. To make the target market notice the brand, it needs to have a social media presence.

The brand also needs to make it easy for users to go and check the company’s social media accounts. The easiest way to do this is to use share buttons within the video itself. Wistia’s video player has this wonderful feature. Marketers can add share buttons straight from the videos. With that, the viewers can share the buttons/links to the video without leaving the video player or host.

How’s that for convenience?


Optimize the Video Thumbnail

Marketers often neglect the video thumbnail. This is a shame since it’s essentially the most vital element that drives visitors to play the video (or not). The stark reality is that most online users judge a book by its cover. That’s why it’s imperative to dress the video for the occasion. Give it a compelling, engaging, play-worthy thumbnail image.

The best way to ensure that the visitors play the video is to use a picture of a smiling person. Why is a smile effective? Because people relate better to other people. An actual image of a person smiling on a thumbnail makes the brand more approachable. Also, smiles are contagious, and they act as a bridge to connect people.


Incorporate the Video Campaign to the Brand’s Email Marketing

Videos and emails are the peanut butter and jelly of the marketing world. They are a match made in advertising heaven. By merely adding the word “video” in an email, the subject line:

• Supercharges open rates by 19%
• Boosts click-through rates by 65%, and
• Minimizes email unsubscribers by 26%.

Putting a video thumbnail into the email also increases its engagement. As per Wistia, a 300% boost in CTR happens when a video thumbnail is used over a plain image. Also, it’s effortless and free to add videos to an on-going email marketing. More importantly, it can result in better attribution.


Consider Shelling Out a Bit of Money for Social Promotions

All the tips thus far are wallet-friendly. But for this one, it’s time put some funds behind the video marketing strategy. It won’t cost an arm and a leg to promote the video on social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. If the brand meticulously tracks its target market and metrics, it’s highly possible for this marketing expense to yield a nice ROI.

As noted, marketers don’t have to spend a lot to make the target market notice the brand videos. All that’s required is time, effort, and a ton of creativity to put the wheels in motion.