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Programmatic video advertising

Programmatic video advertising helps marketers produce highly-efficient content for targeted viewers. It is expected to account for 50% of digital ad sales by 2018.

A lot of marketers have jumped on the programmatic advertising bandwagon. And that’s a good thing. But a lot more don’t even have a clue what it is. Simply put, programmatic video advertising automates the decision-making on where to place ads. These placements include online display, social networking promotion, and mobile campaigns. The system is also now breaching the barriers of standard TV advertisements.

Programmatic advertising aids in solving the now fragmented marketing industry. It also helps in optimizing ROI and ad budgets. The integration of automation and marketer’s intuition makes the programmatic system efficient. It can succinctly target the right viewers at the right moment to deliver the right content.


The New Advertising Frontier

Brand, product or service promotion has become a concentrated niche endeavor. Marketers now find it hard to make the right combinations that generate quality leads. That is why manual marketing strategies spend most of their budget in advance. They execute experimental techniques to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Programmatic promotions, on the other hand, do the heavy lifting. Once the marketer plugs in the details about the campaign objectives and KPIs, the automated program starts its task. It kicks off small utilizing predictive evaluation. As seconds go by, it advances depending on the parameters that work. Not only does this gets the brand to their KPIs quicker, but also leads to minimized misused budget.


The Campaign to End Ad Fraud

Frauds and scams are among the reasons many marketers are reluctant to use a programmatic system. But ad fraud began giving marketers headaches well before programmatic video advertising emerged. Reports claim that over one-third of advertisement traffic is bogus. So, it’s really not a surprise that not many businesses would allude to a 66% success rate.

The good thing is that machine-learning systems can, in fact, discern fraudulent behavior. Programmatic operations will steer clear of them. Video marketers that are familiar with the leads the bring in conversions can aid in this progression. They can pinpoint where low-quality prospects tend to come from. They can also make modifications on aiming where the target needs to be.

Dealing with this process alone is both labor intensive and expensive. And the people in these deceitful pursuits are always finding ways to earn tainted cash. But, having the focus on lead quality will isolate these fraudulent schemes.


Balancing Act on Campaign Endeavors

For many marketers, handing control to someone else can cause anxiety attacks. When the campaign starts reaching those KPIs, the distress goes away. Programmatic advertising works round-the-clock to calculate efficiency and make alterations to strategy performance. Even better, taking a hands-off approach to marketing optimization frees the marketer up. As such, they can concentrate on other marketing areas. They can use the time to refine the entire promotion package.


Artificial Intelligence on Video Marketing

Programmatic video advertising can do all these with the help of an AI system. This sophisticated arrangement features advance formulated algorithms. They can examine data and “make decisions” right away.

Marketers are drowning in the volume of data at hand. AI performs exceptionally well in putting that data to good use. Machine-learning systems are not designed to replace marketers. Instead, they are created to enhance a marketer’s high points. They are also available to make up for the human’s weaknesses. When applied correctly, AI and marketers can work together in harmony.

Brands seeking to get better ROI for their marketing bucks need programmatic plans. Businesses need to take advantage of these machine-learning systems and AI. By using these advanced operations, marketers can efficiently handle big and small marketing hurdles. Removing these roadblocks along the way can turn viewers into leads.

Using programmatic video advertising campaign is something marketers need to think about. Its result is highly-optimized marketing that works non-stop to achieve campaign goals faster.