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Social media

Creating the right social video content for the right social network

Determining what type of social video to upload to a platform depends on the platform itself. This necessitates a familiarity, ...

Video marketing

Build brand awareness with video marketing

Video marketing has skyrocketed in the past few years. It's no surprise since it's the most efficient way to promote ...

Social media

Best practices in making Vimeo videos

Video is slowly but surely proving itself as the future of online marketing. According to MWP Digital Media, 55% of Internet ...

Social media

Youtube marketing tips, tricks and strategies

When it comes to brand marketing on YouTube, there’s one golden nugget every marketer should fully understand and optimize: ...

Video marketing

Why using online videos for business is a game changer

In the past decade, the digital landscape has significantly changed. As such, content marketing has evolved as well. Nowadays, content ...

Social media

What makes Snapchat marketing different from others

There is an incessantly expanding list of social media platforms that companies should use for their marketing campaigns. And a ...