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Social media

Social video trends and tips

If content is king, then video is its kingdom. Social video for marketing plays a huge part in the day-to-day ...

Social media

Social video in marketing campaigns

The time when statistics was needed to back up the importance of video content in social media marketing campaigns has ...

Social media

Snapchat video marketing guidelines

Vibrant filters, face-swapping effects, and fun messaging, along with other playful features, have made Snapchat wildly successful among users of ...

Video marketing

Question to ask before starting a video marketing campaign

Successful marketing campaigns, regardless of their mediums, start with everyone being on the same page. Creating a video marketing campaign ...

Video advertising

Programmatic video advertising

Programmatic video advertising helps marketers produce highly-efficient content for targeted viewers. It is expected to account for 50% of digital ad ...

Video marketing

Personalized video as marketing content

A personalized video is the happy – and often perfect – union of two of today’s most prominent marketing trends: video ...