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Social media

Ways to promote Vimeo videos

Producing a well-crafted video only covers half the job. The more challenging part comes in getting more eyes on the ...

Video strategy

Video types for every phase of a customer journey

Way before consumers decide to purchase something, they look for different solutions that may help them solve their problem. When ...

Video marketing

Video supply-side platforms

Supply-side platforms (SSPs) help in marketing ad impressions through automation. The sellers in this platform are the publishers. Through SSPs, ...

Social media

Video marketing hosts: Wistia versus Youtube versus Vimeo

Let's get it out of the way – Wistia, YouTube, and Vimeo are all important. They are all winners as video ...

Video marketing

Video demand-side platforms

Technology is changing the way internet marketing is traded. Video Demand-Side Platforms or DSP is playing an essential role in ...

Video advertising

Video advertising on walled gardens

The way consumers discover, watch, and share online videos have changed in recent years. The heightened shift in video marketing ...