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Video marketing

Interactieve videos for marketing

Online video marketing is more effective than text- and image-based content. In fact, 60% of online users prefer watching videos about ...

Video marketing

Important factors to consider fo video marketing content

A video is a compelling storyteller, which is the primary reason why video marketing is THE medium to beat these ...

Video marketing

Identifying the right KPI S for marketing videos

To sufficiently assess the performance of a video marketing campaign, the right key performance indicators or KPIs for marketing videos ...

Social media

How your business can benefit from facebook live

If you’re not the type who catches on quick, then social media marketing my not be for you. In ...

Video marketing

How video marketing will evolve in the next few years

Charles Darwin said it right: the species that knows how to adapt to changes, survives. These extraordinary folks thrive even ...

Social media

How top brands use Instagram for marketing

As of April 2017, Instagram has approximately 700 million Instagrammers, over 400 million of which use the app on a daily basis. It ...